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Want to attract more traffic to your store? Looking for a makeup brand you can rely on for high performance and customer satisfaction? We're Graftobian and since 1978, we've been making high quality makeup right here in Madison, Wisconsin.

Our mission has always been the same: we will only offer top quality products, and we will always take great care of our customers!

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As seen in
Many Hollywood Films:

- Being the Ricardos
- The Bogeyman
- Dune
- Guardians of the Galaxy
- Hunger Games
- Mission Impossible
- Pirates of the Caribbean and more! 

American-made makeup helps you stand apart from the competition

At Graftobian, we are proud that our products are made right here in our facility. That means we are involved in the process from start to finish; from the mixing of high-quality ingredients to the boxing and laveling of the finished product. 

Our unique, high-quality brand in your store will help you stand out from the competition and attract loyal, high-end customers like students just getting started in the makeup industry or professional makeup artists who are no strangers to Graftobian; these are the customers who are willing to pay a premium price.

Here is what you will receive 
when partnering with 
Graftobian Makeup

  • Discover an American brand that has roots in customer service and loyalty. 4/5 customers return to buy more of their favorite products again and again.*
  • Strong social media presence. We engage with our 105k followers on social media by by building trust and spreading makeup education. It's why our customers from all over the world will look for stores like yours to purchase Graftobian Makeup.
  • An opportunity to receive HD makeup store displays to enhance the beauty of the palettes and dishes. They are replicas of the displays we use when exhibiting at trade shows. They are shipped already assembled and ready for product to be attached.
  • An incentive to  your customers that you are a premium, high-quality makeup store that only carries the best of the best!
  • Quick turnaround on your bestselling products. Since all of our makeup is made right here, there is no waiting on materials!
Significant Contributions
  • We work directly with the industry's makeup artists and influencers, both local and international
  • We are recognized by the WEDC on the outstanding quality of the virtual trade mission conferencing system
  • We have developed an extensive library of how-to content to teach costumers how to use their products in a variety of specialized ways
  • We collaborated with Seoul's Makeup Magic to conduct training seminars on special effects techniques

Our products allow for a higher mark-up so you get more money

Anyone who has partnered with Graftobian is considered part of the Graftobian family. That's why we believe in fair prices and margins that will make you and your own family money. --more about profit margins and such from skyler--jdlkajfdl;ajfdl;ajfkldjfldajf;ldjflkdjfl;djafkl;djflkdajfk;djfkda;fjd;fjdl;kafjdkfjd;afjdlknoiroiwuroijrlkdnkjoiej

What Customers Are Saying

Glamour Creme Ultra HD Foundation Super Palettes

"Wow! This palette is amazing! I knew I would love the palette because I've seen so many great reviews but what I was even more impressed about was the customer service. I needed to get my palette within two days and when I reached out to them to explain the situation, they were on it and very attentive and make sure my palette came in on time." 
Hanna I.

Deluxe Severe Trauma Kit

"This was my first Graftobian product when I first started doing SFX makeup. It's very useful and practical because of the size and numerous items in the kit. You can create bruises, cuts, burns, and scrapes. The quality is excellent!" 
Mario T.

Setting Spray

"Makeup will last all day with this spray! It sets like a son-of-a-gun! Beautiful,  hydrating looking skin."
Shondrea D.

Introduction to Financial Management

"I enrolled in this online course on financial management to gain a better understanding of personal finance, and it delivered exactly what I was looking for. The course provided a comprehensive overview of financial management principles, including budgeting"
Robert M.

4 Reasons Why Graftobian 
is Right For You:

  • We are always being asked where Graftobian products are sold in relation to the customer's location. Our beauty and special effects makeup has been consistently gaining popularity over the years. There are simply never enough stores!
  • Consistent retailer support located right here in Wisconsin, which means we can ship anywhere in the U.S. very quickly due to central U.S. location. We pride ourselves on wearing many hats; we work hard on ensuring all orders are entered and picked correctly and that our customers are getting exactly what they ordered, and satisfied with what they ordered! 
  • We are animal cruelty free and many of our products are vegan. The only living things we test our makeup on is our own team of human beings!
  • We are USA family owned and operated. Since its beginnings in 1978, Graftobian has been consistently manufacturing makeup right here in the USA.

Our Best-Selling Products

HD Beauty
HD Cremes
Full coverage yet natural-looking foundation with a weightless feel in 58 gorgeous shades. A favorite of professional makeup artists.
Pressed Powders
Our silky smooth pressed powder formulation is highly pigmented for exceptional coverage while blending easily for a natural finish.
Pro Lipsticks
Pro Lip Color by Graftobian® is a full coverage, intense color formulation with a petal-soft finish.
Fantastical & Creative
ProPaint™ delivers vivid color with exceptional opacity. It has unbeatable coverage, pigmentation, and performance.
Cosmetic Powdered Metals
Cosmetic-grade powdered metals allow you to safely coat the skin in shades silver, gold, and copper.
Luster Shimmer Powders
From loose powder eyeshadow to fantasy setting powder, Luster Shimmers are super versatile.
Halloween & Special Effects
Character Kits
Graftobian offers the most sought-after makeup kits for cosplay and Halloween.
Blood & SFX
From Stage Blood, Modeling Wax, and liquid latex to Spirit Gum and ProAdhesive, we have it all!
Trauma Kits
All Graftobian kits are jam-packed with full-sized makeup to create realistic trauma effects.


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