Airbrush System Expansion Kit

Airbrush System Expansion Kit

Take your airbrush game to the next level with this six-gun expansion kit.



Airbrush System Expansion Kit

Use this kit with Iwata's Smart Jet Pro™ compressor. Turn your single gun airbrush system into a six gun painting juggernaut. If that's not not enough airbrush power, add a second expansion kit for a full 12 bottle-fed guns.  Now you can work on multiple clients at once, without having to change colors on your gun. Just imagine the endless possibilities! Festivals and theatre productions become a snap with this state-of-the-art setup. Investing in this kit is a great way to grow your makeup artistry business.
Note: To connect this system to the Iwata Smart Jet Pro™ Compressor, a supply hose #20072 and adapter #20076 are needed. Manifolds connect to each other with no extra parts needed.

Expansion Kit Includes:

  • Air Rail™ 6-Port Airbrush Manifold and Manifold Parts - Designed by airbrush artist Terry Hill, this special pressure vessel allows six brushes to be in use at the same time. It also gives each F/X Aire™ bottle enough room to include tubes and clamps. This piece of machining art is the most vital of the Graftobian Deluxe Fantasy Airbrushing System. Each manifold includes: 6 female quick connect fittings, which the brush hoses attach to, 1 male quick connect fitting supply hose connection, which runs to the air supply hose, 1 additional female quick connect fitting for an additional manifold to snap into
  • Deluxe Fantasy HP-BCS Airbrush (6) - Use this brush in conjunction with #20068 adapter caps to convert airbrush bottles into a direct supply source.
  • #20062 Airbrush Hose (6)- This 5.5 foot high quality woven nylon hose is wrapped over a strong rubber core and finished with brass fittings. The #20 quick connect fittings make attaching the airbrush to the manifold port quick and easy.
  • #20070 Quick-Connect Male Adapter, #20 fitting (6) - Fits on the bottom of the IWATA airbrush to connect with the #20062 airbrush hose, which attaches on its opposite end to any one of the six Air Rail™ manifold ports.
  • Adapter Cap, 20mm (6)- Use these adaptors for attaching F/X Aire™ bottles directly to the bottle-fed Iwata HP-BCS Airbrush, Item # 20065.To Use: Fully mix the F/X Aire™ bottle. Then remove the nozzle and insert the adaptor to measure the length. Finally, trim the excess from the adaptor, cutting at an angle. The adaptor tube should just touch the bottom of the bottle.
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