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Posted 107 days ago
5 Minimal Makeup Hacks

Minimal makeup looks are all about enhancing your natural beauty with subtle touches. Here(...)

Posted 109 days ago
7 Key Benefits of HD Makeup: How to Achieve Flawless Skin with Cream Foundations

High-definition (HD) cream foundations have become a staple in the beauty industry. This type(...)

Posted 118 days ago
Perfect Brows Every Time

The secret to a finished look is filled in brows. Brows are what frame(...)

Posted 137 days ago
DressYourFace Ft Carli Bybel Event

Graftobian Makeup was a proud sponsor of the much anticipated seminar hosted by Tamanna(...)

Posted 203 days ago
How to Apply Airbrush Makeup by Hand

Airbrushed applied makeup has upcycled the art of the fresh and flawless makeup look(...)

Posted 266 days ago
Sheer Makeup Application with HD Foundation Cremes

HD cremes can provide a beautiful, natural-looking sheer finish to your skin while still(...)

Posted 327 days ago
Your Makeup’s Finishing Touches: Mastering Setting Powders

Setting powder is the unsung hero of any makeup routine, providing the finishing touch(...)

Posted 341 days ago
Unleash Your Makeup Artistry with HD Glamour Crèmes

In the competitive world of makeup artistry, professionals strive to deliver flawless results that(...)

Posted 680 days ago
How to Achieve the "No Makeup" Makeup Look

Makeup by Katie Livingston]

Posted 680 days ago
Inspiration for the Global Correction Collection

Inspired by Kevin James Bennett, Makeup Art + Design Enterprises, “I’ve been a fan(...)

Posted 685 days ago
GlamAire Airbrush Makeup

1) Always start with a clean, dry face. A light moisturizer may be applied(...)

Posted 685 days ago
HD Makeup 101 Kit List

Kit listing for the Full HD 101 Makeup Kit featuring substantially a full suite(...)

Posted 685 days ago
Graftobian's HD Philosophy

HD or High Definition makeup, by Graftobian’s definition, is makeup that has the pigment(...)

Posted 685 days ago
Why Do You Need Setting Spray

A Stocking Stuffer For Any Makeup Wearer\nThe holidays are around the corner and although(...)

Posted 685 days ago
A Few of Our Favorite Things

A few of our favorites this week…\nCheck out some of the products we’re loving,(...)


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Posted 685 days ago
How to Achieve Glowing Skin

Makeup by Katie Livingston\nModel is Miranda McWhorter]

Posted 685 days ago

Instructions: Apply a layer to face and neck blending down into décolletage, in the(...)

Posted 685 days ago
Castor Seal Instructions

To use with liquid latex: Using a latex wedge and castor seal, stipple the(...)

Posted 685 days ago
DermaCare Recovery Balm

Instructions: This multi-purpose DermaCare Facial Recovery Balm contains a wide variety of soothing components(...)

Posted 685 days ago
Creamy Clean Cold Makeup Remover

Instructions: This is a rich, cold, cream makeup remover. Our blend of the finest(...)

Posted 685 days ago
Corrector/Tattoo Neutralizer Wheels

Hints From a Pro: Many times when working on an actor, you might notice(...)

Posted 685 days ago
Walk Around Airbrush System

Walk-Around™ Airbrush System by Graftobian is dual voltage so you can use it and(...)

Posted 685 days ago
Choosing the Right Shade of Setting Powder

Setting powder offers a fantastic finish to your makeup application. Many people skip this(...)

Posted 723 days ago
Why Makeup Artists Love Graftobian

“My experience using Graftobian for the past several years for my many high-profile celebrities(...)

Posted 723 days ago
Your Perfect Brow

The idea of the perfect brow has changed dramatically over the past few years.(...)

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