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Posted 59 days ago
Sheer Makeup Application with HD Foundation Cremes

HD cremes can provide a beautiful, natural-looking sheer finish to your skin while still(...)

Posted 115 days ago
Captivate Your Audience with Special FX Makeup

Are you ready to take your makeup skills to the next level and unlock(...)

Posted 120 days ago
Your Makeup’s Finishing Touches: Mastering Setting Powders

Setting powder is the unsung hero of any makeup routine, providing the finishing touch(...)

Posted 135 days ago
Unleash Your Makeup Artistry with HD Glamour Crèmes

In the competitive world of makeup artistry, professionals strive to deliver flawless results that(...)

Posted 156 days ago
Graftobian Trade Show Alert - The Makeup Show NYC 2023

Graftobian will be at booth E8 at the Makeup show NYC 2023 April 30th(...)

Posted 257 days ago
Graftobian Winter Skin Care Battle Plan, Part 2

Suzanne Patterson, Graftobian’s Director of Education, is an Emmy Award® winning makeup and special(...)

Posted 407 days ago
A New Day for Graftobian

Dear Friends:\n\nToday we at Graftobian Make-Up Company are excited to announce the move of(...)

Posted 473 days ago
Skull Kit Instructions

Graftobian’s Skull Kit: Step-by-Step Instructions, Before You Start: Your make-up should be applied in(...)

Posted 473 days ago
Father Christmas Body Painting

An incredible transformation into a traditional, victorian Santa Claus., Through the decades, Santa Claus(...)

Posted 473 days ago
Stuck at home? Use the time to learn something new!

Use the time to learn something new!, If you’re feeling isolated at home due(...)

Posted 473 days ago
Zombie Love Face Painting

Step by Step Face Painting, Follow along with Gina as she walks you through(...)

Posted 473 days ago
Applying Special FX Makeup: Tips for Beginners

While hiring a professional FX makeup artist is always a great way to get(...)

Posted 473 days ago
How to Achieve the "No Makeup" Makeup Look

Makeup by Katie Livingston]

Posted 473 days ago
Inspiration for the Global Correction Collection

Inspired by Kevin James Bennett, Makeup Art + Design Enterprises, “I’ve been a fan(...)

Posted 477 days ago
Witch Kit Instructions

Graftobian’s Witch KitBefore You Start: Your make-up should be applied in a clean, well(...)


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Posted 477 days ago
An Airbrush Makeup Kit Offers Limitless Creative Possibilities!

, Makeup has made remarkable innovations in the last several decades. Today, you(...)

Posted 477 days ago
Glitter Instructions

Face Painting Glitter is the ideal substance to use to add pizzaz to your(...)

Posted 477 days ago
Female Theatrical/Cosplay Instructions

Before you start: Your makeup should be applied in a clean, well lit area.(...)

Posted 477 days ago
Mardi Gras

Theatrical Note: As you are laying out your make-up as suggested above, be sure(...)

Posted 477 days ago
Disguise Stix

To use Disguise Stix Make-Up, simply wet the coloring in water and apply it(...)

Posted 477 days ago
Male Theatrical Kit Instructions

The techniques for the first three figures will apply to both kits with only(...)

Posted 477 days ago
Clown Kit Instructions

Graftobian’s Clown Kit ]

Posted 477 days ago
Magic Set Mixing Medium Instructions

, Use With Graftobian’s Cosmetic-Grade Glitters, Cake Liners, Cosmetic Powdered Metals, Lusters, and(...)

Posted 477 days ago
Airbrush Wars: GlamAire vs. F/X Aire

GlamAire vs. F/X Aire Airbrush]

Posted 477 days ago
Disguise Stix® vs. ProPaint™

Battle of the Face and Body Paints]

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