Bad Ass Brow Bundles

Bad Ass Brow Bundles

Brow Bundles come in a spectacular variety of eyebrow designs, with 10 different brow styles per sheet. A must have for every makeup artist and body painter!



Bad Ass Brow Bundles - Each Individual Brow Stencil is 4" x 1.25" Each Sheet is 8.5" x 11"

Eye brows add personality and style to any character and Bad Ass Brow Bundles give you a great number of style options. Intricately designed by award-winning makeup artist and body painter, Andrea O'Donnell, these stencils are the perfect tool for all types of makeup application. Each themed sheet contains eight different individual brow stencils. Whether you are a beauty queen or a drag queen, there is a stencil for you. Think robots don't need eyebrows? Think again! What about furry animals or fire demons? There's a brow stencil for them too. The Bad Ass Brow Bundles have you covered, no matter what kind of crazy character you are. Lastly, to make sure your brows look the best, have the right makeup. These stencils are ideal for use with Graftobian’s F/X Aire™ Airbrush makeup or ProPaint™ Professional Body Paint.
"The possibilities with stencils are endless if you let go of predisposed ideas of what any given stencil design was designed for. Don't let the name of a stencil or the obvious purpose of its design or pattern force you into using it in just one specific way. Let yourself think outside the box!" -Andrea O'Donnell, Bad Ass Stencils™ designer.
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