Bad Ass Mini Stencils™

Bad Ass Mini Stencils™

An easy and convenient size to use, this reusable stencil is great for airbrush, paints, and crafts.



Bad Ass Mini Stencils™ - 3.5'' x 5'' 

Bad Ass Mini Stencils™ are an easy and convenient size to use, and have the same precise detail as the large stencils. The variety of motifs and patterns allows for infinite creations and creativity. For example, explore your wild side with numerous animal skin patterns. Then, create intricate lacy designs with "Baroque", "Elegance", or even floral motifs. Make face painting a breeze with whimsical patterns, such as hearts, stars, and snowflakes. Get gory for Halloween with bloody drips, scary-looking arteries or even a "Dripping Skull". Finally, use the pattern motifs alone or in conjunction with each other to create layered costume and character skin textures. Those ideas are just the tip of the body art iceberg. Also, make sure you have the proper body paint to use with these absolutely Bad Ass Mini Stencils™. They are ideal for use with Graftobian's F/X Aire™ Airbrush makeup or ProPaint™ Professional Body Paint.
"The possibilities with stencils are endless if you let go of predisposed ideas of what any given stencil design was designed for. Don't let the name of a stencil or the obvious purpose of its design or pattern force you into using it in just one specific way. Let yourself think outside the box!" -Andrea O'Donnell, Bad Ass Stencils™ designer.
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