Bad Ass Triple Threat Stencils™

Bad Ass Triple Threat Stencils™

Three reusable, easy to clean stencils for airbrush, paints, and crafts.



Bad Ass Triple Threat Stencils™, Set of Large, Medium, and Small

Bad Ass Triple Threat Stencils™ can be used wherever you are painting. Three sizes of the same design allow for maximum versatility. Useful for bodypainting or any other crafts, these stencils allow you use the same design in large or small spaces. For example, use the large stencil on someone's back. Use the smaller ones on the smaller arm and leg areas and tight spots of the face. With numerous designs from animal print to geometric, the Bad Ass Triple Threat Stencils™ allow you to create imaginative art in any size. Also, make sure you have the proper body paint to use with these absolutely Bad Ass Stencils™. They are ideal for use with Graftobian's F/X Aire™ Airbrush makeup or ProPaint™ Professional Body Paint.
Large Stencil is 8'' x 7''
Medium Stencil is 5.5'' x 3''
Small Stencil is 3.5'' x 2''
"The possibilities with stencils are endless if you let go of predisposed ideas of what any given stencil design was designed for. Don't let the name of a stencil or the obvious purpose of its design or pattern force you into using it in just one specific way. Let yourself think outside the box!" -Andrea O'Donnell, Bad Ass Stencils™ designer.
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