Blotting Paper - by Nurturing Force

Blotting Paper - by Nurturing Force

A clean way to freshen up throughout the day without removing or smudging makeup. 



Blotting Paper by Nurturing Force, Dimensions: 29' x 2.75"

This unscented, all-natural Blotting Paper helps to remove, shine, dirt, sweat & oil on your skin and also helps to unclog pores. Lightweight and ultra-absorbent, our soft, lint-free blotting paper does all this without smudging makeup or lotion. International makeup artists prefer this paper for its unique softness and absorbency. It is safe to use over all types of makeup.  and has been chosen as a must for HDTV, Film, F/X, Stage, Runway & Fashion Photography.
The 29-foot continuous roll is free of talc, powder, lint and parabens. It fits into a purse, makeup kit or cosmetic bag. The sturdy holder protects your roll from dirt and other contaminants, while allowing you to remove just what you need.
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