Cake Foundation Samples

Cake Foundation Samples

Now available in a sample size, Cake Foundation is a great choice for normal to super oily skin and wears well in hot or humid climates.


Cake Foundation .25 g.
Our Pancake Foundations are now available in Sample sizes, so you can try the look and feel of this professional formula before buying a full size. These samples include a 1/4 gram of Cake Foundation, just enough makeup for a single use, and are ideal for color matching.  If you know the item number of the full sized color you are looking for, please note that the sample size is denoted with an "S" in front of its product ID number.

Due to the variance in the display of colors across different monitor types, color swatches may not be an exact match to the actual product. Use for reference only.

Cake Foundation is a great choice for normal to super oily skin and wears well in hot or humid climates. It can be used as a pre-coat on skin before airbrush, foundation, or shot through an airbrush as a finishing powder over creme makeup. Use as a setting powder over creme makeup or wear over a primer. It can even be used as a subtle bronzer, contouring powder, and HD use, especially for male makeup. 
To use: Load a moistened sponge with foundation using a circular motion across the cake until a smooth, creamy consistency is achieved. Apply with a wiping motion for large areas and a stippling motion to perfect the finish.  Use of Magic Set™ in place of water yields an exceptionally durable finish. 
Tip: Cake Foundation is a great body makeup mixed with a waterproofing agent, such as Setting Spray or Magic Set™ Mixing and Lining Liquid. Apply in sections and then buff into a natural finish. This creamy, water-activated formula is also offered in primary shades used for character creation, but also great for skin-tone adjustment. 
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