Crepe Wool, 7 inches braided

Crepe Wool, 7 inches braided

Use with Graftobian Spirit Gum to lay a custom wizard beard or to create a fantastic handlebar mustache!



Crepe Wool, 7 inches braided

Use crepe wool, also known as crepe hair, whenever you need to add hair to your makeup creations. This includes beards, mustaches, animal fur, hair tufts on a bald cap, and many other applications. We carry crepe hair in twelve popular shades. Mix different shades to create natural-looking variation. Examples include:
  • Add Auburn to Light Brown to create a rich reddish brown, perfect for red-heads.
  • For salt-and-pepper hair, combine a Dark Grey or Medium Grey with Black.
  • To add realism to Santa's white beard, add a little Light Grey.
  • For realistic dark animal fur, combine Black and Dark Brown crepe hair
  • Create light colored animal fur by adding a little Light Blond, Light Grey, or both to White
  • Don't forget our two pre-blended crepe wool braids, Light Brown/Grey and Dark Brown/Grey. Use them alone or add them to other shades for instant color depth and variety.
Need a large amount of crepe hair? We also sell it bulk by the yard.
To use: Straighten crepe hair with a steam iron or by teasing. Apply to skin or prosthetic with Spirit Gum or Liquid Latex. A 7 inch strip of braided crepe wool is enough to create a modest beard or mustache.
Due to the variance in the display of colors across different monitor types, color swatches may not be an exact match to the actual product. Use for reference only.
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