Empty Bottles

Empty Bottles

Perfect containers for when you buy economy size liquids but want to keep a smaller amount in your kit.



Empty Bottles

Empty bottles are an essential tool for any makeup artist and our clear and durable PET containers and jars definitely get the job done. It's always a good idea to keep them available. They come in quite handy for sharing bulk product between artists. This avoids the cross contamination that may occur with many artists working from the same container. Also use these containers for creating traveling makeup kits. You don't need to bring your huge bottles of airbrush cleansing fluid or makeup remover everywhere. Bring just what you need to save space and weight. Use these empty bottles and jars for any fluid or paste makeup, such as airbrush cleansing fluid, water, bloods, makeup removers and adhesives adhesives.
Tip: Mixing custom shades of makeup is an essential skill for a makeup artist. Whether you are matching colors for a wedding party or need makeup for multiple days of a theater production, or movie scene, have customer shades made ahead of time saves time and stress. Match once, make enough for all your needs and store the extras in an empty bottle of your choice. This is particularly helpful for mixing intermediate shades of colored latex, where large quantities are almost always needed.
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