F-X Aire™ Alcohol Palettes

F-X Aire™ Alcohol Palettes

 Unlike traditional special fx paints, these multi-purpose vinyl alcohol activated paints give the effects artist more to work with: the formula allows you to build layers of color for a realistic, organic look.



F/X Aire ™ Alcohol Activated Palettes 0.9 oz. / 24.9 g.

FX Aire Alcohol Palettes are a pigment rich, multi purpose vinyl paint that is activated with Isopropyl (preferably 99%) Alcohol. Use these paints to create beautiful washes and watercolor effects, or build layers of color for unbeatable depth and intensity.

Once applied, each shade acts like a second skin, moving and twisting with the body without any cracking or flaking. The best thing about these paints is their incredible durability. They dry to a matte, waterproof finish and are able to withstand the most rigorous day on set or stage. They will not smudge or flake until they're removed with alcohol or face cleansing oil.

No setting powder or spray is needed, so they maintain their weightless feel. Graftobian is proud to have teamed up with Sian Richards London, with color consultation by Brad Look, to offer this selection of FX Aire Alcohol Palettes.


Choose your palette:

The FX Aire Alcohol Palettes were formulated to simulate bruises, contusions, wounds, wrinkles, and other ghastly creations. They are also ideal for super durable color correction, facial shaping and tattoo cover.


Primaries Plus #27010

  • Colors include: White, Red, Deep Yellow, Blue, Ebony, and Black.
  • The Primary Plus Palette contains your basic colors and is ideal or for adjusting other colors or creating custom ones.

Morbidity #27011

  • Colors include: Capillary Shadow, Rose Blush, Frankie Grey, Corpse Flesh, Maroon, and Dark Purple.
  • The Morbidity Palette is ideal for creating Zombies, Ghouls, Decay, Cuts, Contusions, and Bloody Gashes. This Morbidity palette includes all of our best shades for zombie and ghoul effects. For instance, use Capillary Shadow to create varicose veins. Simulate dried blood with Rose Blush. Frankie grey is our classic decayed ghoul color for ancient grayed skin, and make new turned zombies with Corpse Flesh. Use Maroon as a fantastic clotted blood color. Lastly, create the illusion of sunken eyes and chees with Dark Purple. Combine with the Injury palette to make a full line of trauma makeups and un-dead characters.

Character #27012

  • Colors include: Old Age, Light Cream, Desert Sand, Plum, Pink, and Alabaster.
  • The Character Palette is ideal for creating numerous theatrical effects, including Old Age, Highlighting and Contouring. This is the palette you need for custom stage characters and Old Age effects, such as wrinkled skin, creases, age spots, and other imperfections. First, use the Old Age color as a base for evening out skin tones. Light Cream and Plum are ideal for creating highlights and shadows. Create age spots with Desert Sand. Adjust colors or add warmth to cheeks with Pink. Use Alabaster to make distressed or aged skin. Combine with the Tattoo Cover Palettes to work with a wide variety of skin tones.

Injury #27013

  • Colors include: Navy, Mold Green, Clotted Red, Hazelnut, Deep Golden Highlight, and Thunder Grey.
  • The Injury Palette is ideal for creating various injuries and skin discolorations. For example, use Navy for creating bruise effects, black eyes, and frost bite. Mold Green for is ideal for rotting, gangrenous effects. Add Clotted Red for fresh scrapes and bruises. Make moles, birthmarks, and deep bruise color with Hazelnut. Also create jaundice or other yellowing effects with Deep Golden Highlight. Add shadows or dull bruising with Thunder Grey. Combine with the Morbidity palette to make a full line of trauma makeups and un-dead characters.

Tattoo Cover 1 #27030

  • Colors include: Muted Green, Orange Neutral, Soft Orange Neutral, CVA Suntan Red, Fairest Tone, and Medium Highlight.
  • The Tattoo Cover 1 - Light Palette includes 6 colors for skin color correction for covering tattoos, or for correcting discoloration on lighter shades of skin. These colors allow you to utilize opposite color theory to effective obscure and cancel out the tattoo or discoloration.

Tattoo Cover 2 #27031

  • Colors include: Buttermilk, Natural Tan, Milk Chocolate, Soft Cherry Blush, Teal, and Special Dark.
  • The Tattoo Cover 2 - Dark Palette includes 6 colors for color correction for covering tattoos, or for correcting discoloration on darker shades of skin. These colors allow you to utilize opposite color theory to effective obscure and cancel out the tattoo or discoloration.



Q: Is my palette dried up, why can't I get any color on my brush?

A: These palettes are a professional Alcohol-Activated paint, which means you MUST use 99% alcohol to activate the makeup. 

Q: Why are the makeup pans in my palette not filled to the brim?

A: This is a normal part of our "dry down" manufacturing process. The appearance does not indicate less product; it's because the makeup is poured in liquid form and then evaporates to become a solid, portable, and shelf stable product. Simply activate with 99% alcohol!

Q: I used 70% isopropyl alcohol to activate the palette, but it results in either very watery or very chunky pigment. What can I do?

A: For optimal results, we recommend using 99% isopropyl alcohol to activate your palette. The higher concentration assists in proper pigment activation, preventing overly watery or chunky textures.

Q: How can I adjust the coverage of my palette makeup?

A: For sheer coverage, pour a small amount of 99% isopropyl alcohol directly into the palette pan to activate the product. For more opaque coverage, dip your brush into 99% isopropyl alcohol first, then load the brush with color from the palette. 

Due to the variance in the display of colors across different monitor types, color swatches may not be an exact match to the actual product. Use for reference only.
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