Face Painting Book

Face Painting Book

Full color, step-by-step instructions make face painting fun for kids of all ages!



Face Painting Book, 60 pages 

This 60 page guide will take you through the elementary and advanced use of Disguise Stix Face Paints. Join Brian and Nick Wolfe, Dawn Svanoe, Donna Nowak, and Jessica Coffman as they guide you step by step through exciting creations--face after face. These artists combine for over thirty years of face painting experience. They packed each page of the guide with tips and techniques. Also, each design comes with step-by-step instructions and the colors used. Beginning face painters will quickly master the tips and tricks in this book as they watch their skills skyrocket. Even advanced face painters will find some new ideas. No matter what your skill level, make this book your source of face painting inspiration and learning.
The best way to learn face painting is to practice. Get some practice in by trying some of our mini stix or full size stix. This face painting guide uses almost every color of Disguise Stix. So grab a few of your favorite colors and get painting!
Tip: Even though this book was made for Disguise Stix, all the designs and almost all the techniques can be used with ProPaint™ Professional Face and Body Paint as well.
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