Flexible Collodion Wax Makeup Sealer

Flexible Collodion Wax Makeup Sealer

Brush on a couple coats of Flexible Wax Sealer to create a durable "skin" over wax formations that is ready for makeup.



Flexible Collodion Wax Makeup Sealer (with brush cap) 1 fl oz / 29 ml

Modeling wax is everything to a SFX makeup artist, but it is nothing without a good sealer. Thank goodness Flexible Wax Sealer is here to save the day. Brush on a few light coats of this sealer to create a durable "skin" over wax formations. This wax protectant dries quickly and, unlike liquid latex, does not need to be powdered after it dries. Once your wax is sealed, it is ready for makeup. Problem solved!
To use:  Brush a light coat of Flexible Wax Sealer over modeling wax and let dry. Three or four coats of this fast-drying compound is usually sufficient to prepare even a soft wax surface for brush or sponge application with makeup. Several light coats will seal better and dry quicker than a couple thick coats. Rubber Mask Grease is ideal for the task of covering the sealed wax, but other makeup, such as Theatrical Creme, will also work.
Tip:  A texture can be successfully applied to the wax after the first coat of Flexible Wax Sealer by lightly pressing a stipple sponge onto the thinly sealed wax. 
Note: Use in a well ventilated area. Keep out of eyes.
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Premium Ingredients

Ingredients: Flexible Collodion, Isopropyl Alcohol

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