Forest Nymph Makeup Kit

Forest Nymph Makeup Kit

Transform into a wood elf, forest nymph, or fairy with this fun makeup kit.



Forest Nymph Complete Makeup Kit

The Forest Nymph protects the magic forests of Middle Earth

This kit includes everything needed to attach and apply your elf ears:
  • Theatrical Cream in Forest Green
  • One Set of Latex Elf Ears
  • Spirit Gum & Remover
  • Liquid Latex
  • Luster Crème in Oro Verde
  • Luster Powder in Golden Glow
  • GlitterGlam in Opal Confetti
  • Setting Powder
  • Sponges & Brush

How to apply the ears:

1. Apply Spirit Gum to the edges of the Latex Elf Ears. Allow the adhesive to get tacky, then apply it to ear.
2. Use Spirit Gum to secure all edges.
3. Apply thin coats of Liquid Latex to blend the edges. Let each layer dry completely. Then set with powder.
4. Paint ears, face, and neck with Mint Green Theatrical Cream, and Forest Green Theatrical Cream.
5. Apply Opal Confetti Glitter Glam on high points of face and body
6. Add embellishments and final touches.

Instructions and photo credit @breezymakeupart
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