FX Blood Powder

FX Blood Powder

This simulated blood powder is highly concentrated and ideal for use in situations that call for large quantities of splash blood.



F/X Blood Powder 5 oz / 141 g.

FX Blood Powder is a highly concentrated simulated blood powder with multiple uses. For instance, it is ideal for use in situations that call for large quantities of splash blood. These might include a casualty scene, haunted house, horror movie, or military training. Mix FX blood powder with water for thin blood, perfect for splashing or spraying. For thicker, oozy blood that doesn't dry, mix with glycerin, corn syrup or another similar substance. When the dry powder is applied to the skin, it works similar to Magic Blood Powder, although not quite invisible. However, it can do the exact same job in a pinch. Draw a wet knife or rag across the powdered area or spritz with water and "blood" instantly appears.
To use:  FX Blood Powder can be mixed with water, corn syrup, Magic Set™ Mixing Medium, or anything you can dissolve it in. For whipping effects, dust FX Blood Powder over an area of skin. Whip lightly with wet yarn, towel, rag, etc. Draw a wet better knife across the powdered skin to make slashing effects. To create a "road rash" effect, lightly spritz powdered skin with water. Wash it off easily with bar soap and water. May stain clothing, test before use. 

Premium Ingredients

Ingredients: Red 40 (CI 16035)

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