GlamourGrip™ Beauty Sponge

GlamourGrip™ Beauty Sponge

This ergonomic, super-soft sponge can be used dry or wet to gently blend or buff any creme makeup.



GlamourGrip™ Beauty Sponge
This is the ideal HD beauty sponge for TV, film, print, beauty, wedding and social, or daily wear makeup. This ergonomic, super-soft sponge can be used dry or wet with any creme-based makeup. The GlamourGrip™ gives a flawless, almost airbrushed, finish when used to apply Graftobian's Ultra HD Glamour Creme™ foundation. GlamourGrips™ increase in size and softness when wet. The super-soft, non-latex material will not degrade or crumble over time and can be washed over and over. The best way to clean the sponge is with a gentle dish soap like Dawn's Pure Essentials. 
Makeup artists love the shape, feel, easy clean up and practicality of the GlamourGrip™ sponge. Suzanne Diaz, makeup artist, says that the design makes it easier to hold for any makeup artist and the super soft sponge, especially when wet, feels great on the skin. She says, "I also love the variety of colors to choose from. This makes organizing my actor bags so much easier; each actor gets their own color. I also love the way it cleans up so well with simple dish soap and warm water, quick and easy." 
To Use: Use the tip of the sponge for applying foundation to corners of the eye or other hard-to-reach places. The wide end of the sponge is perfect for applying foundation to larger areas or adding and blending creme blush.
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