Graftobian Special FX Trauma Pro Makeup Kit

Graftobian Special FX Trauma Pro Makeup Kit

This kit brings together all the greatest hits from our Special FX Makeup Line into one convenient professional kit. You'll find everything you need to create realistic special effects and trauma simulation makeup applications.

Professional Special FX Makeup and Tools - Valued at over $280 packed into one kit.



The perfect Special FX kit for beginners, pros, and everyone in between.


Introducing the Special FX Trauma Pro Makeup Kit - Your Ultimate Special Effects Companion!

Are you ready to unleash your creativity and dive into the world of special effects makeup? Look no further! The Special FX Trauma Pro Makeup Kit is here to take your artistry to new heights. Whether you're a beginner, a seasoned pro, a cosplayer, a Halloween enthusiast, or simply a makeup lover, this kit is your perfect partner in crime.

This all-in-one professional kit combines the best of our Special FX Makeup Line, bringing together the greatest hits in a convenient package. With everything you need to create jaw-dropping special effects and realistic trauma simulations, you'll be amazed by the endless possibilities this kit offers.

What sets this kit apart is the comprehensive step-by-step full-color instructions included. We've compiled instructions from 7 different Special FX, Theatrical, and Character Kits, ensuring you have all the information you need to make the most of this kit.

But that's not all! To help you learn from the best, we've also included the Mass Casualty Training DVD / Video Link, starring none other than Emmy Award Winner Suzanne Patterson. This DVD provides over an hour of special FX simulation training, allowing you to refine your skills and take your artistry to the next level.

Over $280 of Professional Special FX Makeup and Tools packed into one kit.

Kit Contains:

  • Severe Trauma Makeup Creme Wheel: With 6 colors, 1 for a foundation skin shade and 5 for effects, such as bruising, breaks, contusions
  • Zombie Makeup Creme Wheel: With 6 colors in realistic FX skin shades
  • Modeling wax 1.75oz - Light Flesh
  • Modeling Wax 1oz - Blood Wax
  • Stage Blood 1oz
  • Blood Gel 1oz
  • Blood Paste 1oz
  • Five 1 oz colors of Liquid Latex: Black, Red, Brown, White, Light Flesh
  • Liquid Latex Clear 2oz
  • Magic Set 2 oz with spray cap
  • Red Lining Pencil
  • Black Lining Pencil
  • Brown Tooth Wax
  • Black Tooth Wax
  • Zombie Guts 4cc packs:  Black, Green, and White
  • Ghost Grey Mini Disguise Stix for hair coloring
  • 4 Assorted Latex Pieces
  • Crepe Wool Brown 7"
  • Crepe Wool Grey 7"
  • 3 non-latex sponge wedge applicators
  • Stipple sponge
  • 2 FX Make-up brushes: Round and Flat
  • Makeup Remover 1oz
  • Black Soot Special FX Powder
  • Face setting powder
  • Large Velour Powder Puff
  • Mass Casualty Simulation / EMS Makeup Training DVD & Video Link
  • 5 Full-Color Instruction Sheets, Including: Severe Trauma & Severe Trauma Deluxe, Zombie & Zombie Deluxe, Theatrical Student (Beards & Old Age)
  • Vinyl Zip Bag for Storage and Travel

Let's talk about what's inside this extraordinary kit. Packed with over $280 worth of professional Special FX Makeup and Tools, you'll find everything you need to bring your wildest creations to life.

From the Severe Trauma Makeup Crème Wheel, perfect for creating realistic bruises and contusions, to the Zombie Makeup Crème Wheel, featuring a range of realistic FX skin shades, this kit covers all the bases. With modeling wax, stage blood, liquid latex, special FX brushes, and so much more, the possibilities are truly endless.

Calling all EMS professionals and emergency medical simulation enthusiasts! The Special FX Trauma Pro Makeup Kit is your ultimate tool for creating realistic and immersive emergency medical scenarios. With lifelike makeup cremes, blood gels, and stage blood, this kit helps you simulate traumatic injuries with astonishing accuracy.

The included Mass Casualty Simulation/EMS Makeup Training DVD, featuring Emmy Award Winner Suzanne Patterson, offers over an hour of specialized FX simulation training. Portable and versatile, this kit provides everything you need to set up quick and effective simulations. Elevate your EMS training with the Special FX Trauma Pro Makeup Kit and provide a truly immersive experience for your team.

We understand the importance of convenience and portability, especially for working makeup artists. That's why this kit is designed to be your go-to, on-the-go solution. It comes complete with a vinyl zip bag for easy storage and travel, ensuring you're always ready to unleash your special effects magic wherever you go.


Are you ready to take your special effects makeup skills to the next level? Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to own the Special FX Trauma Pro Makeup Kit.

Unleash your imagination, create breathtaking effects, and become the artist you've always dreamed of being. Get your kit today and let the magic begin!

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