Half Ass Stencils™

Half Ass Stencils™

Each sheet consists of 11 thematically-related pocket-sized stencils.



Half Ass Stencils™ -  11x 3.3" x 2" 

Half Ass Stencils™ bring the word value to a whole new level. Each sheet contains 11 themed stencils. Every stencil is jam-packed with the level of ingenuity and chic detailing you've come to expect from Bad Ass Stencils™. These small stencils are wonderful for face painters. The size fits on small cheeks and hands for quick, simple designs. However, combine and layer the different motifs to make intricate artwork on even the smallest faces. Additionally, each set comes with a small chain, so you can keep your set together, once they have been punched out. Furthermore, the plastic construction make each set durable and easy to clean.
What's a stencil without paint? Half Ass Stencils™ are perfect to use with F/X Aire™ Airbrush makeup. However, if you prefer a brush and a sponge for your stencil painting, Graftobian still has you covered. ProPaint™ face and body paint or Disguise Stix face paint both work well with these stencils. 
"The possibilities with stencils are endless if you let go of predisposed ideas of what any given stencil design was designed for. Don't let the name of a stencil or the obvious purpose of its design or pattern force you into using it in just one specific way. Let yourself think outside the box!" -Andrea O'Donnell, Bad Ass Stencils™ designer.
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