Hot Wingz Stencils™

Hot Wingz Stencils™

A myriad of different effects can be produced with just one easy to use stencil. Shadow shield included.



Hot Wingz Stencils™ - 4'' x 7.25'' 

The fun size and shape of Hot Wingz Stencils™ allow them to be manipulated in many ways. Intricately designed by award-winning makeup artist and body painter, Andrea O'Donnell, each uniquely-shaped sheet consists of a combination of thematically related design elements, patterns, and textures. Each stencil has also has designs specifically for around the eye. This makes Hot Wingz Stencils™ perfect for creating mask designs, a great help to face painters of all skill levels. Additionally, use this feature to put the finishing touches on the face of your favorite character creations. Lastly, make sure all your creations look their best by using the correct makeup. These stencils are ideal for use with Graftobian F/X Aire™ Airbrush, ProPaint™, or Disguise Stix®.

Each Hot Wingz stencil includes a "Wing Ding", to shield the eye or under the eye. Also, layer it on top of the stencil to block out areas where you do not intend to apply product.
"The possibilities with stencils are endless if you let go of predisposed ideas of what any given stencil design was designed for. Don't let the name of a stencil or the obvious purpose of its design or pattern force you into using it in just one specific way. Let yourself think outside the box!" -Andrea O'Donnell, Bad Ass Stencils™ designer.
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