Iwata HP-CH Hi-Line Airbrush

Iwata HP-CH Hi-Line Airbrush

This airbrush was designed for artists who need more control over detailed spraying, and for spraying makeup at low pressures around the eyes or on children.  Note: Please make sure you have the correct option selected below, as we also offer the replacement Needle and Nozzle for the hi-line brush on this page.



Iwata HP-CH Hi-Line Airbrush

The Iwata HP-CH Hi-Line Airbrush is a great brush for the intermediate to advance airbrush artist. With its .30 mm orifice size and Micro Air Control (MAC) Valve, it enables incremental control of airflow and easy adjustment for a fine to medium spray. This gun was designed for artists who need extreme control for detailed spraying. It also allows you to easily create stipple effects by turning the valve to restrict air flow. and for those who need to be able to Dialing down pressure for safety reasons, such as when spraying near the eyes, is quick and easy. These quick pressure adjustments also come in handy when applying makeup to children or people with sensitive skin. Iwata Hi-Line Series doesn't just change air pressure instantly — it changes the way you airbrush.
Iwata Hi-Line HP-CH has a 0.24 oz / 7 ml cup that is ideal for color mixing. The Quick Flush Cutaway Preset Handle allows easy access to the Needle so that you can quickly empty the paint reservoir for cleaning. The preset feature allows you to set the spray output, which increases your control while reducing finger fatigue. Iwata's Spring-Steel Needle resists breakage and our Needle Packings are solvent resistant for longevity.
Use the included Iwata Lube, to lubricate the Needle and Main Lever mechanism. Also, remove the nozzle for cleaning, by using the included nozzle wrench.
While the Graftobian airbrush makeup formulations can be used with virtually any brush. However, we highly recommend Iwata airbrushes, such as the HP-CH Hi-line airbrush to achieve professional results. Use either GlamAire™ or F/X Aire™ airbrush makeup with this airbrush.
To use: Fill the cup with a few drops of makeup. Spray until finished and add a small amount of a toning shade to the cup. Mix the two colors using the back-pressure technique.  Dump or spray out the remainder and finish with spraying airbrush cleansing fluid through the airbrush. 
Iwata HP-CH Hi-Line Airbrush available replacement parts:
  • Needle, 0.30mm orifice
  • Nozzle, 0.30mm orifice
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