Iwata Table Top Cleaning Station

Iwata Table Top Cleaning Station

Clean your airbrush without making a mess!



Iwata Table Top Cleaning Station, 24 oz. Container

Why do you need the Iwata Table Top Cleaning Station? Because then you can clean you airbrush without making another mess! When spraying the paint residue and cleansing fluid out of your airbrush, all of that has to go somewhere. Now, you can keep it off your workspace and the floor, and out of the air. The Iwata Spray Out Pot contains the extra paint and airbrush cleansing fluid as you spray it out of your airbrush gun.
This convenient, portable container is an incredibly easy way to help keep your work area clean while still taking proper care of your airbrush. The universal airbrush holder fits most gravity feed, side feed, siphon feed and trigger style airbrushes. The glass pot is easy to clean and dishwasher safe. Covering the glass Spray Out Pot is a removable, non-skid sleeve. This sleeve protects the pot and keeps it from sliding around. The filter and total enclosure of the Spray Out Pot completely contain not only the overspray but all the associated vapors. No more worries about what you are venting into the air around you. The Table Top Cleaning Station includes a filter and airbrush hanger.
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