Liquid Pain and Sorrow - Glycerin

Liquid Pain and Sorrow - Glycerin

This is the industry standard for simulating sweat and tears in movie productions and SFX makeup, due to the longevity of its emollient nature.



Liquid Pain & Sorrow (All Purpose Glycerin), 2 oz. bottle

Liquid Pain and Sorrow is used to simulate sweat or tears. Crying or sweating on command is not an easy thing to do. However, these actions are often required to add realism to a movie or theater scene or photo shoot. Whether it is simulating an athlete that just finished a workout or someone in shock from the trauma of a car accident can give the look of sweat without the work or accompanying body odor. Also, who wants to think about sad memories, just to conjure a single tear for a photo? A couple drops of Liquid Pain and Sorrow will do the job. How does it work? This liquid glycerin product does not readily evaporate. Therefore it will remain looking like sweat or like tears for about as long as you like. Get that perfect shot without having up a sweat.

To use: Can be applied with dropper to simulate tears or stipple on with a large stipple brush to simulate sweat. Also, mix with Black Soot Powder or Texas Dirt Powder to create oil, grease or mud effects.

Note: Keep out of eyes. When using liquid glycerin for tear simulation, never place drop directly in the eye.


Use as an excellent moisturizer for all skin types and also to soften skin.

Use as a mixing medium!

Non occlusive in skin.

Water Soluble.

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