Magic Set™ Mixing & Lining Liquid

Magic Set™ Mixing & Lining Liquid

Use this amazing liquid to activate and set and pressed powder or loose pigment. It's like magic!



Magic Set™ Mixing and Lining Liquid

Magic Set™ is a clear, fast drying mixing medium used to turn any loose pigment into long-lasting liquid makeup. For example, mix with cosmetic powdered metals to create a beautiful metal paint that is safe for the body. Add Luster™ Powder for stunning shimmery liquid eye makeup or body paint. Also, mix Magic Set™ with glitter for a quick-drying durable glitter paint. What really sets Graftobian's mixing medium apart from others is that it is alcohol-free, which means it's safe to use around the eye area. The water and acrylic-based formula work together to keep pigment in place for hours for touchable, smudge-proof makeup. Also, it is the perfect activator for cake eyeliner and adds intensity and durability to pressed powder eyeshadow. Lastly, spray it over a powdered makeup application for an alcohol free setting spray. The uses for Magic Set™ are almost endless.
To use: Add to any powder, pigment, or glitter for jaw-dropping fantasy and beauty looks. Mix two parts powder to one part Magic Set™ for an overall coat of color, or as a lining liquid. 
Tip: For more control and precision, use the convenient refillable 0.25oz dropper-tipped bottle. This is the perfect size for activating cake eyeliners.

Premium Ingredients

Ingredients: Water, Acrylates Copolymer, Phenoxyethanol, Ethyhexylglycerin

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