Makeup Testers For Displays

Makeup Testers For Displays

Graftobian is bringing the show to you.



Makeup Testers For Product Retail Displays

Graftobian is bringing the show to you. These ten attractive, easy to set up displays are based on the displays we use at trade shows all over the world. We are happy to announce they are now available to be featured in your store. The displays that accompany these testers can be found here.

The Makeup Included

  • 4 HD Super Palettes: Neutral, Warm, Cool, Global Corrector
  • 15 Five-Well Palettes: Warm #1, Warm #2, Warm #3, Neutral #1, Neutral #2, Neutral #3, Neutral #4, Cool #1, Cool #2, Ultralites, Corrector Light, Corrector Dark, Contour Light, Contour Dark, Blush
  • HD Super Lip Palette
  • 4 Five-Well HD Lip Palettes: Red, Fashion, Cool, Nude
  • 1 HD Glamour Creme in Vixen
  • HD Mixing Medium
  • 3 ProPowder Palettes: Neutral, Warm, and Cool
  • 2 Blush Powder Palettes: Cool and Warm
  • HD Brow Palette
  • 6 Eye Shadow Palettes: FantasEyes 1 & 2, Mineral, Vibrance, Earth, and Smokey
  • 5 LuxeCashmere Setting Powders in Coconut Cream, French Silk, Banana Cream Pie, Pecan Pie, and Chocolate Mousse
  • SuperSilica Setting Powder
  • 2 Corrector Wheels: Light and Dark

Interested in special dealer pricing? Contact us at or give us a call at 1-800-255-0584 about special pricing, toss-ins, customization, and more information.

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