Moulage Makeup DVD - EMS and Special Effects Training

Moulage Makeup DVD - EMS and Special Effects Training

Packed with training footage and makeup techniques to get the most of your moulage makeup. 



Moulage Makeup DVD - EMS and Special Effects Training

Graftobian Makeup Company, in association with Military Moulage Combat Injury Simulation produced this DVD as a moulage makeup tutorial. This DVD merges traditional moulage methods into a Casualty Simulation Arts standard, which offers more realism with high-tech applications. Discover more about casualty simulation or special effects makeup in this DVD. It's an easy way to learn, practice, and acquire the basic skills necessary to create realistic-looking injuries for any casualty simulation scenario. 
Learn, step-by-step, the ten most widely simulated wounds in military or mass casualty simulations from professional simulation artist, Suzanne Patterson. See Graftobian's line of Special Effects makeup up close. Each product delivers startling, true-to-life color results while being very easy to use. This moulage makeup DVD gives you the ability to learn a valuable skill with a little bit of practice.
All products and techniques demonstrated are safe and appropriate for use on role players or patient simulators.
Run time: 76 min. Copyright ©2013, Graftobian Make-up Company LLC. All rights reserved.
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