OMNIA® Pencil Brush - Rose Gold

OMNIA® Pencil Brush - Rose Gold

A bit stiffer than a standard crease, this eye brush can pack and blend color in a more concentrated fashion for eye looks requiring more detail.



OMNIA® Rose Gold Pencil Brush

The OMNIA® Rose Gold Pencil Brush packs and blends color in a concentrated fashion. Since it is a bit stiffer than the standard crease brush it is perfect for eye looks requiring more detail. Define a crease on small or hooded eyes with ease as the tapered point offers more control and precision.
Professional Artist Quality: OMNIA® offers the highest quality brushes, using only the finest materials. Sturdy chrome-plated brass ferrules hold the luxurious fibers in place. In addition, a rubberized Silk-Touch™ finish coats each high-impact, water-resistant acrylic handle for added comfort and grip.
Exclusive Omnilux™ Filaments: The OMNIA® Rose Gold Pencil brush uses 100% Omnilux™ fibers. Produced using patented nanotechnology, OMNIA® transformed each hair fiber at the molecular level to exceed the quality of  natural hair. The completely vegan Omnilux™ fibers feel super-soft and the superior tips undoubtedly provide the best application with every stroke.
Handcrafted to Perfection: Every OMNIA® Rose Gold Pencil brush is handmade by only the most skilled artisans for unparalleled craftsmanship. Therefore, each brush gives a truly remarkable performance. The people at OMNIA® consulted with hundreds of artists to make brushes that will stand up to the rigors of everyday use by enthusiasts and professionals alike, refining our designs every step of the way.
Clean brushes last longer and perform better. To extend the life of your brushes, we recommend our alcohol-based pro brush cleaner. This cleaner will remove any creme or powder based makeup from the brush and also sanitize it at the same time. After cleaning, reshape the brush and allow it to dry completely while laying flat, for the best results.
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