Orc Makeup Kit With Ears

Orc Makeup Kit With Ears



Orc Makeup Kit With Ears

Join the orc ranks and become the next big hero!

This kit includes 2 orc ears & everything needed to attach and apply your orc ears, and battle scars:
  • 5 Rubber Mask Grease Shades
  • One Set of Latex Orc Ears
  • Theatrical Cream
  • Liquid Latex
  • Spirit Gum & Remover
  • Setting Powder
  • Sponges & Brush

How to apply the ears:

1)With a clean base, put the orc ears over your ears so they sit comfortably
2) Roughly measure how far the ears reach on your face. You will use this as a guide to paint and attach the ears
3) Using the RMG Wheel, apply the Green shade. Set with powder.
4) Carefully apply spirit gum to the surface of your face where the ears will be sitting. Allow it to get tacky. Apply ears.
5) If needed, apply the liquid latex over the edges to blend into your skin. 

Instructions and photo credit @tarafyingfx

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