Plastic Bald Cap

Plastic Bald Cap

A latex-free bald cap alternative. (Makeup Sold Separately)



Plastic Bald Cap with Instructions (Makeup Sold Separately)

Bald is beautiful, and you can get there without shaving your head! Bald caps are an important character creation tool for makeup artists, cosplayers, youTubers, and many others. Traditionally, plastic bald caps cover hair to create the illusion of age. The cap can either be used "as is" for a completely bald look or add hair around the ears and back for a semi-bald character. But don't let your imagination stop there! Create fantastic sea creatures, other-worldly aliens and an infinite amount of other imaginative characters. Use glitter, cosmetic powdered metal, or Luster™ powders for stunning avant garde makeup. It's amazing what you can do without all that pesky hair in the way. No matter your style, our bald caps have you covered.
This latex-free Glatzan™ bald cap is made of an ultra-thin plastic/vinyl material. It's arguably the best plastic bald cap in the business. With its long neckline and thin edges, it's easy to achieve great results. This is the also the perfect bald cap solution for anyone with a latex allergy. Each Bald Cap comes with full color instructions, makeup is sold separately.
Need supplies for attaching and coloring your bald cap? Check out our Bald Cap Complete Kit
To use: Find our complete Bald Cap instructions here.
Tip: For the best fit, please get a separate plastic bald cap for each application or performance. Due to stretching, we do not recommend reusing bald caps. To color bald caps, use Rubber Mask Grease (RMG).
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