Retractable Foundation Brush

Retractable Foundation Brush

The retractable foundation brush is the perfect size to place in your purse and great for on-the-go touch-ups.



Retractable Foundation Brush

S.I.L.K.® Brushes are made from only the finest quality materials. While some S.I.L.K.® brushes are made with natural fibers, the Retractable Foundation Brush comes with synthetic, completely vegan fibers. These fibers stand up to even the toughest daily professional use. Use the Retractable Foundation Brush to apply and blend creme or liquid foundation. The traditional shape makes professional application quick and easy. The super-soft fibers also make blending and smoothing foundation to a soft, beautiful finish a snap. Busy lifestyles call for makeup brushes that can travel with ease. This brush certainly fits the bill, without sacrificing quality. Slide the brush barrel over the brush head, protecting the bristles and the brush shape. Put the cap back on and push back together. Ever try to put the cap back on a travel brush, only to have a clump of hairs sticking out at odd angles? No more! For anyone doing makeup on the go, the Retractable Foundation Brush is a must have.
Clean brushes last longer and perform better. To extend the life of your brushes, we recommend our alcohol-based pro brush cleaner. This cleaner will remove any creme or powder based makeup from the brush and also sanitize it at the same time. After cleaning, reshape the brush and allow it to dry completely while laying flat, for the best results.
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