Spirit Gum Adhesive

Spirit Gum Adhesive

Spirit Gum is the classic theatrical adhesive used to attach prosthetic pieces to the skin.



Spirit Gum

Spirit Gum is the classic theatrical adhesive, and our special formula is second to none! Used for decades by the theater and film industries, spirit gum attaches prosthetics to the skin as well as lace hair pieces and crepe wool applications. Also use it to attach modeling wax to the skin before shaping.
We sell spirit gum in a number of different sizes. Use the 1 mil vial for applying a mustache or similar small piece. The 1/4 oz. size gives enough adhesive for a few wax applications or a couple small pieces. This is the most common size used for Halloween costumes. The 1 oz. size provides enough product for practically any project but is still small enough to fit in a makeup case. The large 8 oz. and 32 oz. bottles are enough to supply a theater or studio. Also, keep a large bottle on hand to refill your small ones.
To use: Start with clean, dry skin. Paint Spirit Gum onto the area where the appliance will attach. Tap it until it becomes tacky. Stick on the item and secure the edges with additional adhesive if needed. Remove with Spirit Gum Remover. 
Tip: It's advisable to pour out a tiny portion of Spirit Gum into a small dish or cup just before application. This will start the drying process and reduce the amount of time needed to wait for it to become tacky. Have your spirit gum and remover all in one place with our handy combos, perfect for Halloween or cosplay.
Special Safety Notes: When using this adhesive for an extra long period, e.g. several hours, very gently apply the Spirit Gum Remover with a cotton swab or a #10 Brush or larger, to allow plenty of the remover to soak into the gummed area. Then, loosen the attached item gently to reduce irritation of the skin. For safety, keep it out of the eyes and be sure to remove gently with our Spirit Gum Remover. As with any adhesive or makeup item, should any discomfort or pain occur, discontinue use. Then, clean the area with appropriate remover and seek an alternative method of achieving the desired visual result.
Shipping Note: Item contains alcohol. For the most economical rate, please select ground shipping when you checkout.
Due to the variance in the display of colors across different monitor types, color swatches may not be an exact match to the actual product. Use for reference only.

Premium Ingredients

Spirit Gum Ingredients: Isopropyl Alcohol, Copal, Rosin (Colophonium)

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