Sponge Daubers

Sponge Daubers

These finger sponges are perfect for stenciling.



Sponge Daubers

These reusable sponge daubers work well for applying Disguise Stix® Watercolor Face Paint, and ProPaint™ Professional Body Paint.  Lay down and blend areas of paint quickly and smoothly with the large dauber. Use the small dauber for for tight areas and precision blends and applications. The extra-small pores on the sponge create a very soft finish that can look almost airbrushed. No more worries about seeing paint streaks or brush strokes. Use these convenient finger sponges for dabbing on color or blending colors. Blend colors with precision by using a dry, clean sponge dauber. Create larger, more organic blended areas with a slightly damp finger sponge.  The easy-to-hold nature of these daubers make stenciling a breeze. Use them with any of the Bad Ass Stencil line to create amazingly quick and intricate designs.
Large Sponge Dauber-- Great for painting or stenciling larger areas of color.
Small Sponge Dauber-- Perfect for small stencil details or painting small areas.
To use:  Press or swirl the sponge dauber into the lightly moistened paint and apply with a quick dabbing motion onto the skin. Clean with gentle soap and water.
Tips: Use a damp sponge dauber to thin paint for wash effects. Load the finger sponge with two colors to make blended or ombre effects. 
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