Ultra HD Essentials Makeup Kits

Ultra HD Essentials Makeup Kits

A $137 value! The Ultra HD Essentials Makeup Kit features some of Graftobian's best-selling makeup items for a personal introduction to Ultra HD makeup. Choose your kit by selecting the right undertone. 



Ultra HD Essentials Makeup Kits, 11pc

Want to try the makeup the stars REALLY wear? Then this is your chance. The Ultra HD Makeup Essentials Starter Kit lets you explore the high pigmentation and durability of Graftobian Ultra HD Makeup. You don't have to be in front of a camera to appreciate its weightless feel and flawless finish. To get you started, Graftobian put together seven kits, allowing you to pick the right kit for your skin color and undertone. These kits are also great kits for bridal makeup, but you don't have to be walking down the aisle to want to look and feel your best. Graftobian's Ultra HD makeup will give you the beautiful, carefree look you desire. Just imagine how great your next selfie will look!

Using the Ultra HD Essentials Kit

Start your look with 5-well Foundation Palette. Select your matching skin shade or blend a couple for your own "in-between" color. Graftobian's Ultra HD foundation is meant to disappear into your skin, so a little goes a long, long way. No need to overdo it. Use the Highlight and Contour Palette to add definition to the cheeks and eyes. This is the same Ultra HD formulation, so these colors will blend seamlessly with your foundation. Then, lightly set the creme makeup with the Mini Pro Powder Foundation and puff. You could stop there, with an effortless "no makeup" look, or you could go for the complete Ultra HD experience. Accentuate the eyes with a little eyeliner, then finish everything off with the smooth, durable Lip Color, and you are ready for the runway, or the office...or the grocery store. No matter what you are doing, this easy Essentials Makeup Kit will have you looking your best.

Each Ultra HD Essentials Kit contains:

Ultra HD 5-Well Foundation Palette, Ultra HD Highlight and Contour Palette, Mini Pro Powder Foundation in Satin Sand, Velour Puff, HD Makeup DVD, Glamour Grip, Pro Pencil in Black Velvet, Pencil Sharpener, Lipstick in Red, #4 Flat Brush, Vinyl Bag

Select an undertone and color level for your kit:

Neutral: Neither cool nor warm undertones
  • Fair skin tone: Neutral #1 Palette, Highlight/Contour Fair Palette - Neutral 1 UHD Essentials Kit
  • Fair to Medium skin tone: Neutral #2 Palette, Highlight/Contour Fair Palette - Neutral 2 UHD Essentials Kit
  • Deep skin tone: Neutral #3 Palette, Highlight/Contour Deep Palette - Neutral 3 UHD Essentials Kit
Warm: Yellow undertones
  • Fair skin color: Warm #1 Palette, Highlight/Contour Fair Palette - Warm 1 UHD Essentials Kit
  • Fair to Medium skin tone: Warm #2 Palette, Highlight/Contour Fair Palette - Warm 2 UHD Essentials Kit
  • Medium to Deep skin tone: Warm #3 Palette, Highlight/Contour Deep Palette -Warm 3 UHD Essentials Kit
Cool: Pink undertones
  • Fair skin color: Cool #1 Palette, Highlight/Contour Fair Palette - Cool 1 HD Essentials Kit
Due to the variance in the display of colors across different monitor types, color swatches may not be an exact match to the actual product. Use for reference only.
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