Walk Around Replacement Parts

Walk Around Replacement Parts

All the replacement pieces and parts you need to keep your Walk-Around™ Airbrush System working perfectly.



Replacement parts for the Walk Around Single Action airbrush system

Here are all the spare and replacement parts you need to keep your Walk Around Airbrush System working perfectly. Let's face it, life happens...especially when airbrushing. Needles bend. Bleeder valves break. Cats chew through hoses. Tiny nozzles disappear during cleaning.  And your best friend still hasn't returned that gun she borrowed three weeks ago. There's no need to be caught off guard any more. Stock up on all the spare parts you need, so when the inevitable happens, you are thoroughly prepared, like the professional we know you are.
International Plug Adapter set (UK, Europe, Australia): Globe-trotting? This handy set of adapters will allow you to use your system practically anywhere.
Battery Pack with Recharger: Replace your old battery or get a second one for even more cord-free power.
Bleeder Valve: The air-control for your system. Hose not included.
Braided Hose: Upgrade your silicone hose to this stronger, more-flexible version.
Walk Around Mini Compressor with A/C Power Cord: Give your system new life with a new compressor.
Silicone Hose: Air supply for your system. Bleeder valve not included.
Needle for Airbrush SA-35: Always a good idea to have a spare of this crucial part.
Nozzle for Airbrush SA-35: Always a good idea to have a spare of this crucial part.
Single-Action SA-35 Airbrush gun: Replace your old gun or keep a spare on hand for emergencies or switching makeup formulations.

Our recommendation for Walk Around replacement parts to always have on hand:

  • Needle, because they are easily damaged
  • Nozzle, because they are easily lost and damaged
  • Spare Battery, so one can charge while the other is in use
  • Spare Gun, to switch quickly between makeup formulations without clogging issues, and because emergencies just happen
A note on batteries:  At this time, the Glossy Black is the only battery color we have available for separate purchase.
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