Woochie Latex Double Fracture

Woochie Latex Double Fracture

This hand-painted broken bone appliance creates the illusion of an exposed, skin-breaking multiple fracture.



Woochie Latex Double Fracture 

This hand-painted Woochie latex broken bone piece gives the appearance of a skin-breaking double fracture. Woochie Latex pieces are made with care and precision today as they have been for decades. Most pieces come pre-colored with only a little makeup needed to finish the illusion of reality. This classic Woochie piece will surely add to your Halloween or haunted house look. This fake broken bone is also useful in mass casualty simulations as well as medical, military and EMS trainings.
Tip:  Use the Latex and Foam Latex Appliance Makeup Kit to attach this piece. This must-have kit allows you to easily attach, color and remove latex pieces, such as this double fracture.
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