#4 Round Brush

#4 Round Brush

Round brushes are used for fine detail, and for thick and thin lines.



#4 Round Brush

To satisfy our strict requirements, our brushes are made from synthetic fibers, long known for their durability, resilience and quality. They allow face and body painters to perform artistry properly and professionally. These brushes will perform well with either Disguise Stix® Face Paint or ProPaint™ Professional Body Paint. Use round brushes, like this #4 round, for drawing lines and and details. Round brushes are often used for sketching out designs before they are painted and filled with color. The long bristles create smooth, flowing lines or scripts. These are also good brush for creating spots and dots. This #4 round brush is ideal for sketching designs and major detail work, such as large lines and dots.
For face and body painting tips, tricks and techniques, along with design ideas, check out our 60 page Face Painting Guide. Extend the life of your brushes by cleaning them after every use. To clean face and body paint from your brushes, use a warm water and a gentle soap. If using these brushes for other makeup applications, then we recommend our alcohol-based pro brush cleaner. This cleaner will remove any creme or powder based makeup from the brush and also sanitize it at the same time.
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