Airbrush Bottle Adapter Cap

Airbrush Bottle Adapter Cap

These turn any of the F/X Aire™ airbrush bottles into an airbrush supply bottle.



Airbrush Bottle Adapter Cap, 20mm

Use these adapter caps to turn your F/X Aire™ makeup into a direct supply system for your airbrush. No need for separate bottles! The Bottle Adapter Cap fits a 20 mm wide opening and is solvent-proof for all airbrush paint mediums. Also, this adapter comes with an Iwata Redi-Cap to store or transport paint. Therefore, there is no need to remove the adapter when you are finished for the day. Put the cap back on and you are all set for your next gig.
For projects requiring large amounts of individual colors, spraying directly from the airbrush bottle saves a lot of time. To do so requires an airbrush and airbrush makeup bottle that can work together. These airbrush bottle adapter caps allow F/X Aire™ makeup and the Iwata HP-BCS Bottle-fed Airbrush to do just that.  These seemingly insignificant pieces allow our Deluxe Airbrush system to do its magic and handle its huge work loads. If you own a FX Aire Deluxe Airbrush System or Airbrush System Expansion kit, keep a supply of these adapters on hand.
To Use: Fully mix the F/X Aire™ bottle. Remove the bottle's nozzle and insert the adaptor to measure the length. Trim the excess from the adaptor, cutting at an angle, so the adaptor tube just touches the bottom of the bottle.
Tip: It's recommended to have an adapter cap for each color of makeup, plus one for the cleansing fluid bottle.
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