Empty 5 Well Palette

Empty 5 Well Palette

A convenient empty palette for your favorite 5 creme makeups.



Empty 5 Well Palette

The same sleek design that houses our Ultra HD Glamour cremes is available for you to make your own custom makeup palettes. Fill the empty 5 well palette with your favorite glamour or theatrical cremes for on-the-go convenience. You can also make your own lip color palette for hygienic, brush-on application. Even create small custom face paint palettes. Scoop small amounts of ProPaint™ into the empty five well container. This gives you enough paint to handle a small party without having to bring all your large cakes. It helps keep contamination out of your main product containers as well.
Also use this palette to mix and store custom shades of makeup. If a client requires a custom mix of foundation colors, making some ahead of time can save a lot of stress on the big day. After the makeup test, mix a bit more to ensure an exact match and store in the empty five well container. Now you are all set with your custom skin tones ahead of time. This empty 5 well palette makes mixing liquid makes a snap as well. Like a watercolor painter's palette, each color is self contained, with no cross contamination. Just add a few drops of MagicSet™ to Cosmetic Powdered Metal, Luster™ Powder or other powdered pigment and mix. 
Tip: Use a spatula to fill the palette with foundation from large 1/2 oz. foundation containers or from full-size lipsticks.
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