Face Painting Stencil Set for Kids

Face Painting Stencil Set for Kids

Create over 40 easy designs with these small, convenient stencil sheets!



Face Painting Stencil Set for Kids

Stencils can make face painting quick and easy. Create over 40 different designs with this Face Painting Stencil Set! The laser cuts sheets each contain a variety of themed motifs. Also, they are made of plastic for easy clean up. Use with Disguise Stix, ProPaint, F/X Aire Airbrush, and many other kinds of mediums. Lastly, don't let the simplicity of the designs fool you. With a couple easy painting techniques, you can take these designs from simple to spectacular. For example, layer different colors before stenciling to create unique backgrounds for your design. Load your sponge with multiple colors to create smooth blending effects. Stencil the same design in different colors to create shadows or the illusion of motion. Add a little glitter for extra pizzazz. The only limit on your creations is your imagination.
Stencil Set Includes:
  • Clouds and rain drops
  • Rainbows
  • Shapes
  • Card suit shapes
  • Clovers and flowers
  • Mouth, hands, and feet
  • Butterfly, music notes
  • Stars and lightning bolts
Tip: Need some inspiration beyond the stencil? Want to add some new tricks to your face painting skills? Check out our 60 page face painting instruction guide for a multitude of designs and techniques.
To use: Load a dry sponge with moistened ProPaint or Disguise Stix coloring. Press the color through the opening of the stencil onto the skin.
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