2021 Halloween Contest Winners


The winners from the 2021 #graftobianahalloween Contest have been selected and announced. Winners were selected by the Graftobian team based on overall impact, skill, effective use of makeup, and originality.

Inspired by oil painter @zackdunn_art , @meganlynnsmakeup used ProPaints to reimagine his “She has Seen Life in Death” painting. We loved Megan’s use of color and how it looks like fresh oil paints dripping on canvas. Her attention to detail was absolutely phenomenal!

What’s the story behind your look?

“She Has Seen Life in Death” is inspired by the original piece of work by Zack Dunn (oil paint on canvas). Zack’s unique use of texture in his work has always fascinated me in his ability to use the push and pull of light and dark to create contrast. I enjoy the challenge of trying to translate that same concept onto skin with body paint. The entire process feels like a journey along with the artist.

How did you start bodypainting?

I am a self taught makeup artist, and learned the majority of my skills through trials and errors! I watched tons and tons of YouTube growing up, and as I fell deeper down the rabbit hole of content online, I feel into the SPFX and painting realm. Once I discovered body painting, that was it for me. Makeup was now taken to a whole other level – I wasn’t just contouring my cheeks anymore, I was carving out an entirely new character out of varying shades of paints and shadows. It took the process of transformation to a whole new level.

What do you enjoy most about bodypainting?

I enjoy the process of body painting the most! It has such a therapeutic effect on me – I can really loose myself in my work and just allow the brushes to move along, almost as if they are guided by their own will to paint. It is truly an escape, the experience of painting. You can feel yourself becoming the work of art over the process of the paint and it’s very rewarding to see the finished result.

What do you like about Graftobian’s ProPaint?

Graftobian’s Pro Paint was the very first real paint I was introduced to as I was growing up! It will always hold a special place in my heart as the product that started it all. Pro Paints are pigmented, smooth, easy to blend and full of potential! I have used Pro Paint in Body-painting, Eye Shadow and Eyeliner looks, to create foundation shades – you name it! The flexibility of the product makes it so unique, but easy to use.

Any advice to new body painters?

For any new Body Painters out there, my biggest advice is to take your time! Detailwork & shading take time! Painting can be very time consuming, but that is where you are able to develop contrast, depth, quality and crisp work. After all, body paint is still makeup! And if you ever make a mistake, you can just wash it off! There is never any pressure to complete work within a set time frame when you are painting for fun! Take your time 🙂

Inspired by the Jigsaw Movie Series, @youngforevermakeup used ProPaints to create a mesmerizing take on the creepy jigsaw puppet in her own style. Her puzzle pieces, the shading on her jacket and the depth of the red and white swirl all worked very well together to create something wholly original.

What’s the story behind your look?

I just thought about doing a makeup about a horror icon and I love this saga, so I decided to do this jigsaw makeup in my own style.

How did you start bodypainting?

I started face painting as a hobby after school just for fun and then it become my biggest passion.

What do you enjoy most about bodypainting?

I can become any character I want to be.

What do you like about Graftobian’s ProPaint?

I love the wide range of colors the brand has and the pigmentation!

Any advice to new body painters?

Follow your dreams and passions; don’t allow anyone or anything stop you from doing what you love to do.

nspired by old westerns and “Outlaws Revenge,” @mania.mua used Graftobian’s F/X Aire shades to create their own sepia tones to bring this humanesque skeleton to life. The contouring and highlighting of the bones and the fine details with the airbrush sent this western skull to a whole other level.

What’s the story behind your look?

This look is a humanesque skeleton done with warm sepia tones that you might see in an old western film.

How did you start airbrush?

I first picked up an airbrush when I started my job at a local amusement park painting for their Halloween Haunt. I’ve just kept learning and practicing for the past three years.

What do you enjoy most about airbrush?

I love how quick airbrush can be compared to any other type of makeup.

What do you like about Graftobian’s F/X Aire Airbrush?

I like that the F/x Aire Airbrush Makeup is alcohol based so I don’t need to worry about transfer or sweating through my makeup. My favorite color to mix is Clotted Red for its versatility!

Any advice to someone just learning to use an airbrush machine?

Don’t give up! It can be a tricky thing to learn but brush control will come with time and patience- there is so much you can do with an airbrush!

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