A New Day for Graftobian


A New Day for Graftobian

Dear Friends: Today we at Graftobian Make-Up Company are excited to announce the move of our cosmetics manufacturing facility from Brooklyn, NY, to Graftobian's home city of Madison, Wisconsin!

Our headquarters has always been here in Madison, WI, since our founding in 1978 by my parents Gene and Evelyn Coffman. We are thrilled to bring the manufacturing of our Professional high definition makeup, airbrush makeup, theatrical makeup, special fx makeup, and fantasy makeup lines to our great city!

  • Commitment to "Made in the USA"

    Pictured: Cool HD Foundation Super Palettes on the production line in Madison, WI.

    We believe in our hearts that the best products in the world are made here in America. Controlling the manufacturing process from start to finish at our facilities has always been important to us. We know that no low-cost outsourced factory could ever produce the same quality as we can ourselves. Our customers - Makeup Artists, Makeup Lovers, Dealers, and Distributors, have come to expect peak performance and quality from our makeup, whether it's used in big Hollywood productions, or for a night out on the town.  With those expectations in mind we knew the best place to expand was right here in the heartland of the USA. We have always made 99% of our products right here in the United States, and will continue to do so because the performance, quality, safety, and consistency of American-made Graftobian cosmetics is the greatest in the world!

  • A Big Lift For a Great Future

    Pictured: New Manufacturing Lab Expands the Graftobian Campus

    In the last few months we have been tirelessly working to move our operations from our previous facility in Brooklyn to our brand new Madison facility. We expect to begin operations at our new facility this fall 2022. In the meantime, we are utilizing our existing clean rooms at our headquarters, which we have used to manufacture our Disguise Stix face & body paints since 1981.

    This newly constructed, state of the art, 10,400 square foot facility is located right next to our existing headquarters & fulfillment warehouse, creating what we like to call the "Graftobian Campus".  With our new facility up and running, we will have greater production capacity than ever before, with 3X the usable manufacturing space of our previous facility, and 5X the warehousing space, meaning increased availability of raw materials, containers, packaging, and finished products. This higher production capacity will allow us to meet the growing demand for Graftobian cosmetics in a way that was simply not possible with our previous facility.

  • The Graftobian Campus

    The synergy of our new "Graftobian Campus" will improve everything Graftobian Makeup has to offer:  Better coordination, Faster production times, Faster fulfillment, New and improved rooms for R&D - leading to shorter timetables for exciting new cosmetic products, additional capacity for our Private Label customers, less waste, and by eliminating the distance between our manufacturing and HQ warehousing facilities, a much smaller carbon footprint.

    It's an exciting time for Graftobian Make-Up Company. We are so grateful for your business over the years, and now we look forward to blazing a new future together!

  • Yours in Makeup,

    Eric G Coffman
    Graftobian Make-Up Company

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