A Simple Injury Makeup

  • To create an easy and simple injury makeup, you will need the following:

    1) F/X Aire™ Alcohol Palettes: Primaries, Injury, Morbidity, and Tattoo Cover 1

    2) Assorted brushes

    3) Isopropyl alcohol

    4) Cotton pads

    5) Skin astringent

  • Start by cleaning the skin with the astringent and cotton pads.

  • A low-light highlight was mixed using Corpse Flesh and Fairest Tone and applied to the highest point of the cheek to create a hot spot.

  • Liquify Deep Yellow on the lid of the palette, then apply the color sporadically around the hot spot you created in the previous step. The Deep Yellow should appear completely random and not resemble a circle or donut. Allow the two colors to meld into each other and the Deep Yellow to trail off into other areas around the face.

  • Mix Clotted Red with Maroon and blotch it here and there into the Deep Yellow on the face to create the depth of the injury. If you get heavy handed, lift some of the intensity with the alcohol on a cotton pad. Press lightly, using the pad of a finger as you do this, and be very careful when working around the eye area.

  • To deepen the wound, mix a small amount of Maroon with Dark Purple. Apply only to the deepest area of the wound. Do not overdo this as the finished makeup will run the risk of looking muddy.

Repeat the above steps to other areas of the face. Now it’s time to add cuts. Using a pointed brush, apply an uneven line with thick and thin areas using Clotted Red mixed with a small amount of Red. To add more depth to the cut, mix a little Black with Maroon. Use this mixture sparingly. It will sink the wound further into the skin. Mix Corpse Flesh with Fairest Tone and add this highlight to either side of the cut to add depth.

Instructions and makeup by Brad Look. Model is Allan Apone, of Makeup Effects Labs. Brad Look recommends having Special Effects Guide of Real Human Wounds and Injuries by Benito Garcia on hand for reference.

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