5 in 1 Blush Palette


Radiate Your Inner Glow with The HD Blush Crème Palette

Blush, an essential component in the realm of makeup, is more than just a color enhancer—it's a tool for sculpting, defining, and adding a vibrant warmth to your complexion.

  • The Glamour Crème Blush Palette has five shades:
    Peach Blush, Vienna Rose, Raspberry Wine, Autumn Breeze, and Cherry Glaze. These shades range across warm, neutral, and cool tones, catering to diverse skin types and occasions. What sets this palette apart is its formulation, akin to Graftobian's bestselling Glamour Crème™ foundations. This synergy ensures seamless blending, providing a natural, luminous finish that's both lightweight and full-coverage.

Choosing the right shade:
Select a blush shade that complements your skin tone. Warm shades like Peach Blush or Autumn Breeze add a sun-kissed effect, while cooler tones like Vienna Rose or Raspberry Wine impart a fresh, rosy hue.

Using the right tools:
If you're applying makeup to yourself, you can simply use your fingers to apply the makeup. If you're working on someone else, use a high quality blush brush. It should be fluffy yet dense enough to pick up the creamy product effectively.

How to apply:
Apply the blush to the apples of your cheeks, blending upwards towards your temples. This technique lifts the face, creating a youthful appearance.

Layer for intensity:
With Cherry Glaze’s sheer base, start light and build up the intensity as desired. For the more pigmented shades, like Peach Blush and Raspberry Wine, a little goes a long way. Use a light hand and build gradually to avoid over-application.

More Tips:
The key to a natural-looking blush is blending. Use circular motions to blend the edges, ensuring there are no harsh lines. The unique formulation of the Glamour Crème Blush allows it to spread into an ultra-fine layer, merging effortlessly with your skin.
For a complete look, balance the blush with subtle contouring under your cheekbones and a touch of highlighter on the high points of your face. This creates a dimensional, radiant look.

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