Clown Kit Instructions

Graftobian’s Clown Kit

  • Before You Start: Your make-up should be applied in a clean, well lit area. Give yourself plenty of room, and arrange your materials neatly in front of you. If you are doing the make-up on yourself, make sure you have an amply sized, well lit mirror. Wear old clothes– making up can get messy! Make-up should always be applied to clean skin, so wash your hands and face and you are ready to begin.

    Time Needed: This will require 30-45 minutes to complete.

    Please Note: If you have any known allergies to any of the listed ingredients of any of the components of this kit, do not use that component. Select a shade or item from your dealer’s stock that will give you a similar effect or serve a similar purpose but does not contain the ingredient to which you react. If any of the products contained in this kit cause discomfort, remove as instructed and discontinue use.

    As you are laying out your make-up as suggested above, be sure you have all of the items listed on the front label panel under “Complete Kit Contains.” Use of optional suggested items will be discussed below, as will costuming tips.

About Clowns: The first thing a clown must do before actually applying the clown face is to design the face. To get the look of a simple white clown like the one shown in the first Figures 1-5 is easy, quick, and has stunning effects. Some clowns however, prefer a totally unique look that may be more complex, with a larger mouth area, symbols or shapes on the cheeks, fancy eyebrows or even a painted nose if a rubber or foam clown nose is not going to be used. Once you have sketched your desired face along with color indication, noting color blending if included, you are ready to apply the make-up.

Applying the Make-Up:

Figure 1: Using a Latex Sponge Wedge or your fingers, wipe across the surface of the Clown White Cream to load the sponge with the cream based make-up. Once properly loaded, the sponge is used to apply the foundation using a patting motion to the areas of the face as shown.

Note: If you are putting make-up on someone else, always approach the eye area gently and with warning. Never just stab away with your sponge, brush, or other implement. Have her open her eyes and look up when you are coloring the areas just below the eye, including the lower eyelid.

Coat the skin evenly but with as thin a coat as possible to get your desired opacity. If you choose to use your fingers to apply the Clown White Cream, use a patting motion to even out the coloring over the entire face. You want to cover all skin that will be showing once you have finished making-up and the costuming has been added. You will find that the best and most professional clown faces will begin with a good, even, opaque coat of the Clown White Cream.

Now it’s time to powder. Professional clowns often use Clown White Face Powder over their white make-up and use Translucent Powder over the bright colors. This kit contains translucent powder because it is suitable for both applications. Load Powder onto Powder Puff by sprinkling a small pile of powder onto the middle of the puff, folding the puff and rubbing the puff’s sides together until the powder is substantially loaded into the velour of the puff. Powder over the makeup with a gentle but rapid patting motion, working deliberately across the face, one section at a time. Reload the puff frequently to avoid excessive “offsetting” of the make-up onto your puff. When the face is fully “set” you will be able to touch the makeup without it coming off.

Figure 2: Your kit contains four colors in addition to the clown white cream. Three of these colors are primary colors, which give you the opportunity to make intermediate colors. To mix the purple shade used under the eye, mix equal parts of Red, Blue, and the Clown White. Adjust to make your ideal shade of purple by simply adding more of one color or another. In this figure, the purple is painted with the Brush below the eye area as shown. Apply the Red coloring to the lip area as shown. Apply your Powder as above to these areas before proceeding to the next step.
Note: You will want to clean your brush between colors using makeup remover, brush cleaner (not included), or soap and water.

Figure 3: Apply Black Foundation with a Brush to the under eye area as shown. Also use the brush to paint your eyebrow design as indicated. Remember to be careful around the eye area. Use the Black Liner Pencil to draw the lower eyelid line or to touch up any other eye area. You may wish to line the upper eyelid with the pencil as well. Apply Powder one final time.

As a rule of thumb, use the Black Liner Pencil to draw thin delicate lines. Make sure the pencil is kept sharp to assist in drawing those lines. Use a Brush loaded with Black Foundation to paint in larger areas or areas that need that dense black coloring difficult to achieve with a liner pencil.

(Optional) Figure 4: As an optional accent, we have applied Powdered Face Painting Glitter (not included) to the bottom of the purple triangle area. Here’s how: Brush a dot of Liquid Latex (not included) under each triangle. While still moist, pat a fingertip full of the glitter into the Latex. Allow the latex to fully dry and then dust off the remaining loose glitter. This trick works nicely for the tip of the nose as well!

Figure 5: Accessorize!
Face #2

Figure 1: Apply the Clown White as in the first face, avoiding the eye lids this time. Before powdering, remove chosen areas with a tissue moistened lightly with makeup remover. Proceed to steps 2 & 3 before powdering. (You may also choose to outline the chosen areas in advance with a white pencil or with your Clown White on a brush, however, this can make it difficult to get an even coat of the white all over your face. Professional clowns advocate the wiping technique.)

Figure 2: Color in the Blue and Red areas as shown, note the blue above the eyes.

Figure 3: Blend the colors back into the white lightly with a patting motion with your fingertip. You want to tap lightly so as to create the fuzzy edge effect. You can also try to achieve this effect by blending lightly with your sponge wedge.

Figure 4: Once you have the look you like, now is the time to Powder down the entire face as detailed above.

Figure 5: Draw in black designs with your Black Liner Pencil, Powder down.

Figure 6: Optional add ons shown here are the nose and the rhinestones near the eyes. Both are applied with Spirit Gum or Liquid Latex (not Included).

Figure 7: Add a wig, a costume, some gloves and a bit of clown attitude.

Costume & Accessory Tips: As the finishing touch, spray your hair a wild clown color or adorn a clown wig. Put on your foam clown nose, or get a real fancy Goshman Clown Nose. Select a suitable clown costume for rent or sale at your local costume retailer. Ask for gloves, hats, shoes, clown props, magic tricks, juggling items… your choices are truly endless. Once fully outfitted, you’ll be ready to go out and spread a little sunshine as a real clown! (If you really enjoy it, search out your local Clown Alley and ask about becoming a member.)

Removal: Our makeup is easily removed with Graftobian Theatrical Make-Up Remover (not included in kit) or Cold Cream Makeup Remover. Once all make-up is carefully removed, gently wash with soap and water.

Disclaimer: Graftobian Theatrical sells all products in good faith for professional use, but can assume no responsibility for the deliberate misuse of cosmetics and/or other products. In other words, please read and follow all instructions carefully to avoid problems or injury!

Other Graftobian Products: Graftobian is a manufacturer of all sorts of make-up. From novelty soap-based Face Painting Make-up called Disguise Stix®, to our Festival® Colored & Glitter Premium Hair Sprays and Gels, to our complete line of Professional Graftobian Theatrical Make-Up and Accessories, Graftobian has it all! Ask your dealer about the other fine Graftobian products they carry in their store.

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