Disguise Stix® vs. ProPaint™

ProPaint vs. Disguise Stix

Battle of the Face and Body Paints

  • Face and body painting has been a staple of parties, fairs and theme parks for many decades. Over the years, the paints available have exploded in number and variety.

  • Two of these face and body paints come from Graftobian: Disguise Stix® and ProPaint™. We get asked all the time, “Which should I use?” The answer depends on what you want to do. Let’s figure it out.

  • Graftobian began with Disguise Stix® Face Paint. We wanted to make the best face paint out there, so we took the time to get it right, and our efforts paid off. Our non-toxic formula has stood the test of time and has barely changed in over 40 years. And it is still made in the USA of the highest quality ingredients!

  • Disguise Stix couldn’t be more easy to use: To activate the paint stick, simply dip it in warm water. Then use the wet stick itself to apply the paint to skin, hair, paper or whatever you choose.

    Kids instantly LOVE this easy application and these simple sticks provide hours of fun. Use brushes and sponges to create more intricate designs. When mixed with water, Disguise Stix® creates a semi-opaque paint, similar in feel to a tempera paint, in 28 beautiful colors. Of course it’s all fun and games until you have to clean up the mess, right? Actually, that’s the best part. The soap-based formula washes off of and out of practically everything, even clothes! It just takes warm water and a little more soap. What’s not to love?

  • So what about ProPaint™? When professional body painting art began gaining in popularity, we decided to throw a hat into the ring. After all, we knew a bit about painting the skin. The result was ProPaint™, a professional grade body paint.

    These large, water-activated cakes mix into a rich, creamy paint, with a painting feel similar to a craft acrylic. The glycerin base allows for an extremely smooth application that covers in one coat. The 48 available colors are bright, vibrant and blend seamlessly with one another.

    The color line includes everything for the professional or hobbyist body painter: four metallics, twelve pearl shades, and four neon colors for creating amazing black light-reactive hair and nail art. Best of all, they last all day without flaking. They are even water resistant, and won’t run if they get wet. Even so, they will still easily come off with bar soap and a washcloth.

    Ok, so both Disguise Stix® and ProPaint™ are amazing in their own right. Each type is water activated with easy clean up and a wide color range. There must be more to picking the best one than just personal preference and favorite colors, right? Absolutely!
    We definitely recommend ProPaint™ for any professional or hobbyist body painters out there, or anyone that needs to cover large areas on the body quickly. ProPaint™ covers generally in one opaque stroke, whereas you have to build color opacity with Disguise Stix®. Therefore, artists can lay down a large amount of color quickly and efficiently. Also, the formula creates the superior blendability and enhanced durability demanded by body artists

  • Well, surely that must mean that Disguise Stix® are just for kids. Not at all. Professional face painters can use them to great effect! The semi-opaque nature of Disguise Stix® paint is the perfect consistency for moulage and medical training. Therefore, you can make realistic bruises, rashes, and other skin discolorations with amazing color depth. Unlike traditional cremes, there is no need for setting powder to keep your training creations from smearing. The paint simply dries, which saves trainers time and money.

It’s true, Disguise Stix® are great for kids of all ages, including kids at heart. In fact they are perfect for anyone who wants to have some fun with face and body paint. The wide range of colors comes in both large and small sizes, each with enough paint to cover several faces. This is a great way to let anyone learn the basics of face painting while having fun at the same time. It’s also a very inexpensive way to entertain at a family reunion or birthday party, or anytime really, with quick and easy cleanup. Best of all, Disguise Stix® are still made in the USA, with the same high standards that have been in place for over forty years.

No matter the situation, Graftobian has a face and body paint for you. Disguise Stix® and ProPaint™ will do the job and then some. Whether you are a seasoned professional body painter or just want to paint your little brother’s hair pink and green for an afternoon, Graftobian has you covered…in paint.

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