Graftobian Welcomes Suzanne Patterson as Director of Education

Graftobian Welcomes Suzanne Patterson as Director of Education!

Suzanne Patterson, Emmy Award™ winning makeup artist, has worked closely with Graftobian for years in developing product lines and offering unique insights into the makeup artist industry. We are proud to welcome her to the team!

Helping Shape Graftobian:

Suzanne created and was featured in the multi-award winning and best selling Graftobian makeup DVD “HD Makeup 101: Achieving Perfection with Simplicity.” She has also had a fundamental influence in the development of Graftobian makeup products for UHD. As an SFX artist who specializes in Casualty Simulation for UHD, and the military for their training exercise environments, Suzanne has brought many product innovations for Graftobian’s SFX line, including our popular F/X Blood and Dirt Powders. Suzanne created and appears in our SFX video designed for novice SFX artists, “Special Makeup Effects for Casualty Simulation Arts,” featuring many of Graftobian’s popular SFX products.

Looking Forward:

Look for upcoming educational blog posts from Suzanne as well as new videos where she will share with us the knowledge that she has acquired over years of being a successful makeup artist and educator.

  • Suzanne Patterson, Graftobian’s Director of Education, is an Emmy Award® winning makeup and special makeup effects artist who specializes in Ultra High Definition (UHD) makeup application technology and technique. Her extensive knowledge and on-set experience in working in UHD keeps her on the cutting edge of makeup for this format.

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