Graftobian Winter Skin Care Battle Plan, Part 2

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  • More Skincare Hacks Everyone Needs to know for Winter

    The winter season is in full January bloom with freezing temperatures, snowfalls and brisk wind chills that attacks skin’s ability to retain natural moisture. Indoor heat and dry air defies humidity which further irritates skin surface discomfort. The aggravating effects of chapping, redness and peeling some have from exposure or the “tight” feeling in your complexion is the result of reduced natural oil production that protects and holds moisture to the lipid layer. Skin is going to need a little more help to lessen the unwanted texture results of this winter assault, which can negatively affect the quality and finish of a makeup application.

  • In Part One we talked about winter skin challenges all skin types endure in keeping moisture bound to the surface lipid layer to maintain a steady hydration level. The use of shielding humectant ingredients such as Graftobian’s Castor Seal and Liquid Pain and Sorrow glycerin helps to protect and stem winter trans-dermal moisture loss and maintain smoother looking skin texture. You may want to review the benefits of these two products in Part One, and perhaps apply some you like, along with additional hacks I am sharing with you in this blog to further maximize and protect skin hydration.

  • I am all about boosting and enhancing skin care performance throughout all the seasons to help maintain a comfortable, moisturized and radiant looking complexion. Hacks can be your best friends in not only saving you money, but by utilizing a handful of products that work synergistically in many ways to achieve the important goal of year-around consistent complexion hydration and protection. In this blog I share how Graftobian’s Aloevation Toning and Smoothing Veil can support your skin care regimen, not only in winter but throughout the year. Above all, pay attention to how winter weather affects your skin’s comfort and texture condition and if your skin care regimen would benefit further with these additional tweaks.

  • As with any cosmetic product applied to skin, always do a small patch test first before using to determine your own reactions for any skin sensitivity or reaction. Always avoid product direct contact with the eyes or inside the mouth. A little tip here: I like to keep Aloevation in my studio mini fridge as the chilled cream give added soothing and refreshing to dry parched skin, especially with those puffy skin areas and dark under eye circles.

  • Aloevation Toning and Smoothing Veil is a lightweight water/glycerin based emulsion that contains a banquet of skin protecting, hydrating and smoothing ingredients. Aloe leaf extract and allantoin along with a natural mineral anti-oxidant complex of malachite, rhodochrosite and smithsonite are the “Fab Five” extracts that strengthens the skin’s lipid layer moisture function as it smoothes out and visually diffuses small lines and wrinkles. Allantoin, a comfrey plant extract is an important skin protecting ingredient which helps increase moisture absorption, combat dryness and smoothes skin texture with its gentle vitamin based anti-aging properties. Sodium hyaluronate (derived from hyaluronic acid) is a superstar micro molecular ingredient known for deeply penetrating the skin barrier and restoring, attracting and binding in moisture.

  • Aloevation is great for all skin types, and the lightweight consistency makes it easy to use alone or blend with other beneficial ingredients for many skin protecting uses. It doubles beautifully as a pre-makeup primer for mature or troubled dry skins as it instantly smoothes down surface texture and reducing the look of fine lines without a greasy residue. Remember, the key to smooth makeup foundation application results is the condition of the skin canvas” texture it’s placed on.

I love the versatility of Aloevation and its smooth synergy with the skin’s lipid layer. The formulation enhances the performance and protection capabilities of many products, so it deserves a place in your winter skin care regimen. Here are some tried and true tips for incorporating Aloevation into your skin care routine:

  • After cleansing and rinsing skin, pat skin lightly so that skin remains damp then apply a thin layer of Aloevation. Doing so helps trap moisture and reduces trans-dermal water loss. This is ideal to do right after a shower when skin is still wet.

  • Aloevation Toning and Smoothing Veil thinned out a bit with Liquid Pain and Sorrow makes an ideal shaving cream to use for under arm and leg shaving to help prevent razor irritation. It’s a great post shaving balm that aids in restoring the lipid barrier too. Don’t rinse after shaving, just gently smooth any remaining excess into skin. If you want a richer mixture to shave with add some Castor Seal to it instead of Liquid Pain and Sorrow. Don’t rinse, just smooth any excess into skin. It’s especially good to use to soothe and heal skin after any face or body waxing session too!

  • Give yourself a mini moisture boost with a “hydration facial”. Saturate 5 cotton pads with Liquid Pain and Sorrow and place on skin (2 on forehead, 2 on cheeks and one on chin) for about 5 minutes. Gently pat them around then blot off excess with clean cotton pads. Finish with an application of Aloevation Toning and Smoothing Veil.

  • Using a retinoid or other anti-aging treatment serums? “Cocktail” them by mixing with a very small amount of Aloevation first to help them deliver without the dry feeling texture result often experienced by applying retinoids and serums directly to skin. You can also do this with acne product ingredients like salicylic acids, benzoyl peroxides, etc. to help lessen the skin drying effects too.

  • Another way to apply your retinol or serums is to “sandwich” them between two layers of Aloevation. Apply a very thin layer of Aloevation to freshly cleansed skin. Wait 5 minutes, and then apply your treatment product. Allow that to dry down thoroughly to maintain skin contact for 15 minutes. They apply another thin layer of Aloevation. This buffering technique works great to help calm side effects such as redness, dryness or stinging if you are starting these treatments for the first time.

  • One of the best and effective skin softening exfoliants is to spray a mixture of Liquid Pain and Sorrow and distilled water (mix as directed in the Part 1 blog) onto skin and leave damp. Using a wet Graftobian Red Rubber Round sponge place a generous amount of Aloevation on it and very gently massage your face and throat in circular fashion with a soft finger touch to skin. Don’t rinse, just gently blot away excess with tissue or simply smooth in any excess. Follow with additional Aloevation to lock in the hydration.

    If you prefer a brush, try soft bristled buffing brushes, such Graftobian’s Omnia Flat Kabuki, Omnia Complexion Brush or Omnia Duo-Fiber Stippler Brush. Use gently with soft touch pressure to skin allowing the brush do the work.

  • Aloevation is a superb pregnant belly skin soother that can relieve itchiness, dryness and help relieve the uncomfortable feeling of stretching skin. You can add in a few drops of Castor Seal or Liquid Pain and Sorrow for easier spreadability and greater comfort too.

  • For a quick and easy hydration mask mix some Aloevation and Castor Seal Liquid together in a soft spreadable paste. First apply a thin layer of Liquid Pain and Sorrow to your face, carefully avoiding eyes, nose and mouth area. Then pat the Aloevation mixture all over the top of that and carefully place a very warm wet washcloth over your face. Relax for 5 -10 minutes. Then with a soft finger touch, briefly massage face through the washcloth and wipe away any excess.

  • Heat styled hair from curling irons and blow outs can create stressed-out or dried up tresses from prolonged use. Apply some Aloevation to damp hair and comb through. Pop on a shower cap for 20 minutes, then hop in the shower and rinse thoroughly or follow with a good moisturizing shampoo if you prefer.

  • Suffer from dry/cracked skin on hands? Slather on some Aloevation and then pull on some plastic gloves while you do dishes or housework. The warmth generated by gloves and activity helps the ingredients penetrate more deeply to soften, smooth and hydrate hands and cuticles. Before bed, smooth a layer Aloevation on them and pull cotton gloves (can also use disposable gloves) over to protect them while you sleep. In the morning you will see a definite improvement with a smoother looking texture. This overnight method is ideal for cracked heels too. Apply Aloevation and wrap the heel portion of your foot in a bit of plastic wrap and cover foot with lightweight socks.

If you have any questions about Graftobian skin care or makeup, please email me at Please share with us your comments and some of your own favorite Graftobian skin care and makeup hacks!

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