How to Achieve the "No Makeup" Makeup Look

The “No Makeup” Makeup Look

Makeup by Katie Livingston

  • Let’s talk about a fresh face, “no-makeup” makeup look! I don’t know about you, but I rarely have enough time for a full glam makeup look, so under 10 minutes is ideal for me. We are going to use just a few products so this look will be quick and easy, but also make you feel put together!

    Materials Needed:

    Graftobian HD Cremes within the client’s undertones
    Graftobian HD Cremes within the client’s undertones
    Lip gloss
    Brow Powders

  • Hello! My name is Katie.

    I’m a professional makeup artist from Riverton, Utah. My love for makeup goes back further than I can remember. I was a small child when my mother let me start playing with makeup and I am so blessed to have cultured that passion and turned into my professional career.

    I specialize in beauty and bridal makeup, and I have been very lucky to have my work featured in many bridal magazines and editorials. I take pride in my craft and strive to make every client of mine feel their absolute best.

    I am a mother to 3 boys and wife to a very supportive and loving man who spoils me. There are boys everywhere! But I love it, and I get my “girly things” fix when I work.

  • Moisturize the Skin!

    Dry skin can make your makeup look dull and cakey. I like to apply moisturizer all over the face and neck a few minutes before I start to give it time to absorb into the skin.
    One of the products I like to use is Graftobian’s OxyDerm Moisturizer because it is lightweight and doesn’t break up the makeup.

  • Add Dimension to the Lids

    With a fluffy eyeshadow blending brush, apply Graftobian;s HD Matte bronzer in the crease and all over the lid. That’s right, I said bronzer! Using the same shade on the eyes as the rest of the face will keep the makeup cohesive and save you time!

    I always like to start with the eyes (to avoid eyeshadow fallout) but with this particular look, you can do this after your foundation if that order is most natural for you.

  • Applying Foundation: Choosing the Right Undertone

    The first step in identifying the right foundation shade for you or your client is identifying the undertone. Here are a few tips if you’re not sure what undertone to use:

    Warm undertones – yellow or olive undertones. These people look better in earth tones like olive green, browns, reds, and oranges. You may also find that you prefer gold jewelry against your skin rather than silver.

    Cool undertones – pink undertones. These people look better in jewel-toned clothing such as emerald green, sapphire blue, purples, and pink. You may find you prefer silver jewelry against your skin rather than gold.

    If you think are somewhere in the middle of these 2, you most likely have a neutral undertone.

  • Try it out: Once you have identified your undertone, swatch the foundation shade you think is closest to your skin depth on your jawline. Also swatch the shade lighter and the shade darker, and whichever foundation disappears into the skin is your match!

    Pro Tip: Foundation palettes are not just for makeup artists! If your skin depth changes throughout the year, a palette of 5 might be a perfect solution for you as it will cater to your skin as it changes. You can also use the shades that are a little too deep as bronzers, and shades that are too light as a highlight!

  • Bronze up the top of the forehead, cheekbones, and jawline using a synthetic face brush and a cream foundation shade that is a few shades darker than your foundation. Set it with a loose powder to lock it in all day. If you are in a rush, skip the cream and just do the powder bronzer.

    Use a lighter foundation shade or concealer to brighten up under the eyes, and set with a translucent powder.

  • Lashes and brows

    Apply mascara. Fill in the brows with a brow powder and a small flat angled brush. If you’re in a rush, skip the brow powder and just put brow wax in your brows to keep those hairs in place.

  • Finishing Touches

    Highlight the inner corners of the eyes and the brow bone with a shimmery eyeshadow or highlighter. You can also sweep it lightly over the highest point of the cheekbone and right above the arch of the brow.

    Apply some lip gloss and some setting spray and you are all done!

    This makeup look is natural and gives you that effortless no-makeup look. It’s also simple and quick! Winning.

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