Magic Set Mixing Medium Instructions

Use With Graftobian’s Cosmetic-Grade Glitters, Cake Liners, Cosmetic Powdered Metals, Lusters, and any other loose pigment. Magic Set can be used as a liner and as a medium to apply color all over the body.

Cosmetic Powdered Metals:

1) Pour Magic Set into a dish.

2) Mix in Cosmetic Powdered Metal in a 2:1 ratio; two parts liquid to one part powdered metal.

3) Use a face and body sponge to mix. Apply the mixture to skin or hair using a stippling or patting motion.

Luster Powder Pigments:

1) Mix a few drops of Magic Set with an equal amount of Luster Powder Pigment in the palm of your hand or in a mixing dish.

2) Line the eye and allow to dry before opening eye.

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