Monster Kit Instructions

Monster Kit Instructions

Monster Kit InstructionsGraftobian’s Monster Kit

NOTE: If these instructions accompany a make-up wheel only, you may wish to purchase the other listed items in order to do the following make-up application.

Before You Start: Your make-up should be applied in a clean, well lit area. Give yourself plenty of room, and arrange your materials neatly in front of you. If you are doing the make-up on yourself, make sure you have an amply sized, well lit mirror. Wear old clothes— making up can get messy! Make-up should always be applied to clean skin, so wash your hands and face and you are ready to begin.

Time Needed: This will require 30-45 minutes to complete.

Please Note: If you have any known allergies to any of the listed ingredients of any of the components of this kit, do not use that component. Select a shade or item from your dealer’s stock that will give you a similar effect or serve a similar purpose but does not contain the ingredient to which you react. If any of the products contained in this kit cause discomfort, remove as instructed and discontinue use.

As you are laying out your make-up as suggested above, be sure you have all of the items listed on the front label panel under “This Kit Contains.” Use of optional suggested items will be discussed below, as will costuming tips.

Applying the Make-Up:

Figure 1: Using a Latex Sponge Wedge, wipe across the surface of the Mint Creme Foundation to load the sponge. Once the sponge is properly loaded, apply the foundation to the areas of the face as shown.

Coat the skin evenly but with as thin a coat as possible to get your desired opacity. This is your foundation, your bottom coat, upon which you will build the character lines, highlights and shadowing needed to create a realistic looking face. Note that you are covering all exposed skin, which includes the ears, neck and into the hairline; you want to cover all skin that will be showing once you have finished making-up and the costuming has been added.

Note: If you are putting make-up on someone else, always approach the eye area gently and with warning. Never just stab away with your sponge, brush, or other implement. Have your subject close her eyes when coloring the upper lid and below the brows. Have her open her eyes and look up when you are coloring the areas just below the eye, including the lower eyelid.

Figure 2: Begin your creation of the monster’s features with the application of the Thunder Grey creme liner color. Using a combination of fingertip, brush and sponge, apply the thunder grey to the areas you wish to shadow or to appear more deeply inset in the face. These areas include the forehead, temples, eye socket, upper nose bridge, the sides of the nose, the nasal fold lines, the mouth wrinkles, the hollows of the cheeks below the cheek bones and finally under the chin below the jaw line all as pictured. Note the subtle shading begun on the forehead in this figure. Other shading and blending will follow in the next few steps.

Note: You will want to clean your brush between colors using makeup remover or brush cleaner.

Figure 3: Now apply the Ghost Grey Creme Foundation to the areas you wish to be highlighted. This is done again with the fingertip, brush or sponge. This time you apply lighter grey color to the raised or bony parts of the face to help these features stand out. These highlighted areas include the lower forehead above the brow, the point of the cheek bones, the high point of the chin, and the folds and wrinkles of the mouth and nasal region on either side of the shadow lines from Figure 2. Blend the colors with the fingertip or the edge or point of a sponge wedge as you go to achieve a smooth transition of color and a more realistic look.

Figure 4: Apply the Black Creme Foundation lightly into your shadow areas to deepen the shadows as indicated. Apply black to the lips with the brush and around the eyes and below the eyebrow.

Note: Use of the Black Pencil on the eyebrows, near the eyes themselves and for other detail lines may be preferable to the brush in some instances. Use the pencil against the grain of the eyebrows for a more bushy, disheveled look. Again, blend as you go.

Figure 5: Once you have finished blending the make-up, it is time to set your make-up with Face Powder. Load powder onto Powder Puff by sprinkling a small pile of powder onto the middle of the puff, folding the puff and rubbing the puff’s sides together until the powder is substantially loaded. Using a gentle but rapid patting motion, work powder deliberately across the face, one section at a time. Reload the puff frequently to avoid excessive “offsetting” of the make-up onto your puff. When the face is fully “set” you will be able to touch the make-up without any coming off.

Figure 6: Paint the Red Creme directly over the powdered make-up, but, many make-up artists would prefer to use a cotton swab moistened with make-up remover to clear that area first, then paint down the red scar lines in the desired locations.

Then, using either the Black Pencil or the Black Foundation, paint in the black stitches as shown. Powder down these scars as described above and reapply red to the scar area, this time without powdering to give a brighter red effect.

Tip: Create the classic horizontal line of stitches across the forehead, the neck and the wrists, or add blood dripping from the mouth.

Costume and Accessory Tips: Monsters come in a variety of forms. The type of multiple-cadaver-parts monster made famous by Mary Shelley’s book, “Frankenstein,” is generally costumed with padded shoulders under an oversized suit coat, big boots with lifts and tattered sleeves and pant cuffs. Latex neck bolts, latex scars, bloods and various other items are often used to enhance the monster look. If hair coloring is needed, Graftobian® hairspray in black is recommended.

Removal: Our makeup is easily removed with make-up remover or Cold Cream Makekup Remover (not included). Once all make-up is carefully removed, gently wash with soap and water.

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